It is easier to take a Jew out of exile than to take exile out of the Jew.

Menachem Mendel of Kotzk

Shmuel Agmon

Shmuel Agmon

Shmuel Agmon
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    • teacher,
    • lawyer,
    • doctor,
    • journalist, etc.
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    activity related to the expansion of the limits of knowledge.

    This type of activity includes following areas:

    • science,
    • philosophy,
    • theology, etc.
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    израильский математик и профессор
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Family tree

Shmuel Agmon

(February 2, 1922February 2, 1922 Gregorian
January 20, 1922 Julian
Shevat 4, 5682 Hebrew
, Tel Aviv - )

(18961896 Gregorian
1895 Julian
5656 Hebrew
, Zvenigorod - 19801980 Gregorian
1979 Julian
5740 Hebrew
, Tel Aviv)

(about 1896about 1896 Gregorian
about 1895 Julian
about 5656 Hebrew
- )

(about 1922about 1922 Gregorian
about 1921 Julian
about 5682 Hebrew
- )


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