Only our concept of time makes it possible for us to speak of the Day of Judgement by that name; in reality it is a constant court in perpetual session.

Franz Kafka

Elizaveta Averbah

Elizaveta Averbah

Elizaveta Averbah
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    В 1999 году исполнилось 50 лет работы в Военный Универ.Мин-ва Обороны доцента кафедры английского языка (основного) Елизаветы Иосифовны Авербах.


Family tree

Elizaveta Averbah

(19241924 Gregorian
1923 Julian
5684 Hebrew
, Moscow - 20042004 Gregorian
2003 Julian
5764 Hebrew
, Moscow)

(July 26, 1895July 26, 1895 Gregorian
July 14, 1895 Julian
Av 5, 5655 Hebrew
, Mariupol - 19791979 Gregorian
1978 Julian
5739 Hebrew
, Moscow)


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