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Efron Ilya Abramovich (b. 1847). Founded in conjunction with F. Brockhaus publishing firm of Brockhaus-Efron ". Major issued her publications: 86-volume "Encyclopaedia, Small Collegiate Dictionary (2 nd ed.)," Library of the great writers "(under the editorship of Professor SA. Vengerov, the complete works of Pushkin, . Schiller, . Shakespeare, . Byron, . Moliere, 20 volumes), "Library science" (edited by professors Brownian, . Fausek, . Menzbira, 18 volumes), "History of Europe in eras and countries" (Edited by Professor N. I. Kareeva and I.V. Luchitskaya, 36 issue), "General History of European culture" (7 volumes), "Cheap library of self" (2 series, . 86 issue), The Encyclopedia of Practical Medicine "(5 volumes), "The Jewish Encyclopedia (16 volumes), "History of the Byzantine Empire" by Professor FI Uspensky, "History of the Inquisition" Lee, "Man and Earth" Reclus (6 volumes), desk manuals "Health" and "Child", and others, and this dictionary

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