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Different Types of Surgical Interventions for Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment

 Foot and ankle are often painful as they are subjected to continuous stress and strain. The ankle is a synovial joint located between leg and foot, and its importance is due to its location in a strategic connection point, formed by multiple ligaments that present a greater risk of rupture (compared to others); however, they are re-healing and able to heal without posthumous disorders. Connected to it, we find the foot, made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than one hundred ligaments, muscles, and tendons, have a very complex structure and perform an important support function for our whole body.


The most common problems affecting the ankle are sprains and fractures, which, as well as in the foot, must be treated if necessary through Foot & Ankle surgery and orthopaedic implants such as braces and now very rarely with plaster casts.


Different types of surgical interventions for foot and ankle pain treatment.



Surgery for flat foot and hollow foot- Surgery corrects this pathology only if conservative methods (insoles, orthopaedic shoes, stretching exercises and physiotherapy) are ineffective and do not improve the patient's well-being. The deformity is corrected surgically through osteotomies in order to restore the ace of the calcaneus, in cases where there is also an indication for arthrodesis, a more invasive but very reliable surgical procedure, which involves the fusion of one or more joints to immobilize the foot in the right position. Recovery times vary greatly depending on the deformity and the type of operation performed.


Surgery for foot and ankle fractures- The Heel Pain Treatment surgery aims to reposition the injured bone returning it to its original location, using means of synthesis (screws, Kirschner wires, plates) to consolidate the fractures affecting the limb. 


Following the surgery, depending on the case, a brace will be applied, and the skeletal segments can be quickly mobilized if the Foot and Ankle Fractures have been perfectly stabilized, while for the granting of the load, the evaluation will be left to the orthopaedic surgeon, based on the radiographic checks that he will schedule in various cases, and a period of rehabilitation and rest will always follow.


Surgery for Morton neuroma- The surgical procedure is a neurectomy, a technique in which the affected nerve is removed through access to the dorsal surface of the forefoot. Rehabilitation is quite fast and the results obtained are generally satisfactory.


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Overall, Foot and Ankle Pain surgeries occupy an essential place within orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery, and they should be given the dominant place it deserves. Contact a specialist to know in detail about the best bunion surgery in orange county.

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