Pet parents are often concerned about outdoor safety. If there are so many dangerous animals in your area, it would be great if you could install an electronic fence, which is also commonly addressed as an electric cat fence, to prevent your cat from roaming the neighbourhood.

Most pet owners are startled by the word electric. Even before understanding the working principle, most pet parents build the assumption that it is cruel to use an electronic or electric cat collar fence, using the terms interchangeably when in fact the products are quite different..

An invisible fence for cats is an innovative solution recommended by many pet owners and trainers. It is indeed the only effective option to keep highly agitated cats confined within the boundary.

Invisible fence for cats that are escape artists

Cats can jump and can quickly figure out a way to get out of the fencing. When covered enclosures fail, you can use the modern solution of electronic stimulation to create a virtual barrier.

It is a totally safe and humane solution to protect your pet from escaping into the dangers in your neighbourhood.

Cats tend to avoid electronic fences. because they are very perceptive and quickly learn to adapt to the parameters of the fencing system.In addition to this, you must understand that the correction levels on the cat collar are mere static signals which are totally different from electric shocks. Obviously, no one would want to shock their pet whom they love unconditionally.

The receiver on the collar comes with adjustable settings. Moreover, when combined with specific training and conditioning techniques, the need for simulations can be reduced to zero as the cat adapts to the fencing system

Once your cat learns the new boundary, you don’t even need a correction level to ensure its containment. For guaranteed positive results, it is best to choose a product from a reputed brand and ask for additional onsite pet training services.

How long does it take to train your cat?

When you invest in a wireless cat fence from a reputed brand, you can get assistance for installation as well as training. You need only follow the training advice shared by the experts for just two weeks before you start seeing results and can let your cats roam freely within the boundary.

Training starts with the installation of boundary flags across the perimeter
Initially, only audible alarms are used in the collars to train the cat
Once your cat is accustomed to it, you can begin with adjustable static correction levels
Adjustable settings allow you to figure out the best way to train your cat.


Want an effective barrier?Then you should try aDIY cat fence with static corrections. The product is a safe and totally humane solution to keep your pets from escapingyour house. The electronic containment system, commonly known as an electric cat fence,comes in wireless and wired models. Visit Hidden Fence to explore the available options. It is the most reputed Australian brand for original and safest electronic fencing systems for cats and dogs. The customised solutions come with a 99.99% success rate and can be ordered as self-install or professionally installed systems.

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