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Anatoly Aleksandrovich Wasserman (Анато́лий Алекса́ндрович Ва́ссерман, ; born 9 December 1952, in Odessa, USSR) is a journalist and political pundit. Better known as a frequent winner of intellectual TV games. He considers himself as a marxist in the interpretation of the analytical group Socrat Planotov.

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Anatoly Wasserman was born on 9 December 1952 in Odessa, Ukraine, Soviet Union and grew up there. He graduated from the Odessa Technological Institute of Refrigeration Industry — now the Odessa State Academy of Cold — (Thermal physics faculty), on speciality engineer-thermal physicist.

After graduation from the institute, from 1 August 1974 till 30 September 1977, he worked as the programmer of research sector of Odessa SPA Kholodmash. From 3 October 1977 till 23 August 1995 he worked as a programmer (system programmer from 1980) of Odessa all-union research institute, Pischepromavtomatika.

From 23 November 1991 to present — a journalist (in particular, in 1996–1999 — in computer magazines). Since 6 September 1995, he is a political consultant in a team of Nurali Latypov. In 1994 he was a candidate for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine deputy; took the second place in the electoral district.

Participation in TV games

His first appearance on the all-union screen came about 14 October 1989 in the TV game show What? Where? When? as a member of Nurali Latypov team, then in a team of Victor Morohovsky in Brain-ring show. In TV game show Svoya Igra (Russian version of Jeopardy!) he had gained fifteen victories in succession in 2001-2002 and became the best player of decade in 2004. Double champion of Ukraine on a sporting version Svoya Igra. Champion of Moscow (1 May 2008) on a sporting version Svoya Igra. It was one of basic participants in telegame Games of reason. Took part and in the newithoutgame's TV programs, in particular, Invited supper, and many talk shows.

Internet popularity

The person of Anatoly Wasserman is very popular for his great erudition and virginity in the Russian Internet segment, Runet. Some Internet users have created the satirical "Anatoly Wasserman Facts" (similar to Chuck Norris facts). They wrote then Wasserman has a superforce that can help him to do everything (for example, "he can divide by zero") and to know everything in the world. Also, some facts tell that Wasserman is the father of Chuck Norris, so, he has more power than Chuck. These facts has become very popular in Runet, and very big number of Russian users use these facts in blogs, forums and imageboards.

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