Are bark collars a good idea?

 Dogs are a godsend for us humans. Those compassionate face licks and hearty conversations with your dog are definitely the best things in this whole wide world.

Everything is so great about having a furry friend; however, there is one problematic canine behaviour that almost every dog parent is dealing with- a nuisance barking habit. If your dog simply ignores the cue ‘quiet’ all the time, you must be dreaming about your pup’s silence. A smart solution to your problem can be barking collars.

A dog bark collar is a game-changer for pet parents who can’t train their four legged companions to keep quiet. When tasty treats and conventional training methods fail, using one of the best dog barking collars is definitely a good idea.

What is a bark collar and how does it work?

A bark collar is equipped with a sensor that gets activated when a dog barks. Then the collar delivers simulations to distract the dog. These collars come with options for audible warnings, vibrations and adjustable simulations to train a dog about the undesirable behaviour of nuisance barking.

Is an electric dog collar harmful?

You might be wondering ifan electric shock might harm your dog and feelyou certainly cannot use it to achieve silence. Well, the term electric collar is often used mistakenly and interchangeably for the advanced and innovative range of electronic training collars that work on vibrating simulations.

An electric shock is certainly harmful but the most advanced bark collars that are used and recommended by dog owners are different. These are safe and only used to distract the dog, and don’t emit an electric current. So rest assured, such collars can also be used for young dogswith total peace of mind.

Can you buy electric dog collars in Australia?

Electric dog collars are certainly not the best choice to train your dog. The term is used mistakenly by dog owners instead of the term electronic training collars. Buying an electric shock collar is legally prohibited in some states of Australia, so it is not recommended that you invest in something similar to train your dog.

The ideal solution is a high-end training collar that emits an audible warning and vibrating corrections to help you with positive reinforcement training. Moreover, there should not be a one-size fits all approach when it comes to correction levels. You should be able to customise the product depending on the age, size and breed of your dog. Hence, select a product that comes with adjustable settings so that you can find the best level to get a subtle reaction from your dog.


When conventional training does not work and you have to leave your furry friend alone at home, the nuisance barking habit can invite so many neighbour complaints. A simple solution is to positively reinforce the dog’s behaviour and teach them the limit to barking with a no-bark collar. Explore the product range by Hidden Fence, which is a one-stop shop to get all kinds of training aids and dog collars in Australia.

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