Are bark collars adjustable?

 Bark collars are immensely popular among pet parents. These innovative collars discourage the nuisance barking habit of your furry friend. Barking collars are effective and safe to be used for every age and breed of dog. However, training and consistency need to be practised when aiming for behaviour modification. In today’s post, we will discuss every detail of the bark collar. The fit, the features and the functionality to understand if a dog training collar is the right fit or not for your four-legged companion.

What are bark collars?

Bark collars are designed with a sensor that gets activated with the barking noise. These collars deliver static stimulation along with vibration signals to distract the dog from barking.

Pet parents use these collars to keep a hyperactive dog calm and control the nuisance barking habit. Moreover, when conventional methods of training fail and your dog tends to bark continuously, using an anti-bark collar can help you efficiently train the dog to keep quiet when barking is not needed.

Key features of a dog trainer collar

These anti-barking collars are recommended by dog trainers and used by many dog parents around the world. Brands, therefore, endeavour to bring forth the most advanced range of products with top-rated features and functionality. The most innovative range of dog training collar have the below listed features:

Adjustable stimulation settings: The best part about the anti-bark collar is that they work effectively for dogs of all ages. The adjustable stimulation helps in using the required levels of correction for behaviour modification. In simple words, the same product can be used for a four months old puppy that usually learns everything quickly or an older dog from a stubborn breed.
Progressive stimulations: The level of static stimulation starts from the lowest level. The customisation feature allows finding a suitable and effective range easily.
Bark forgiveness: Barking is normal therefore the top-rated products are designed with a forgiveness feature that delays collar activation to teach the dog about acceptable barking limits.
Bark counter: It is excellent for dog parents who are unawareabout barking behaviour when the parents are away from home and need more insights to understand what their dog wants.

Are anti-barking collars suitable for every dog?

High quality barking collars are light in weight, adhere to waterproof manufacturing standards and feature an adjustable strap. To put it simply, these collars fit snugly on every size of dog without damaging their fur. Moreover, the adjustable correction levels make it an efficient product for every age and breed of dog.

Does a dog shock collar hurt?

Many dog parents use a dog training collar to control the nuisance barking habit but they often mistakenly use the word shock collar for it. Remember a high quality anti-barking dog trainer works on static simulations or vibration settings. A bark collar doesn’t deliver an actual electric shock.

If you ever come across such a product, stay away from it because electric shock is hazardous and using such collars is legally prohibited in some Australian states.


Barking is a natural canine behaviour; however, some breeds bark more than others. If your hyperactive dog cannot control their nuisance barking habit, you can explore the world-class range of bark collars available at Hidden Fence. These collars are one-size-fits-all and feature 15 stimulation levels within 5 adjustable settings.

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