Are electric dog collars legal in Australia?

 Barking collars were invented as a training aid for breeds with nuisance barking habits. Since there were no specific restrictions on this concept, some brands started manufacturing cheap harmful products. Some models of dog shock collars delivered sensations that were too strong for dogs, especially the smaller ones. Thus, legislative prohibition on the use of such harmful products became necessary.

It can be said that the Australian Government bans the harmful product, but the concept of a dog training collar is not totally banned. The canine welfare policies in Australia vary state-wise. A few states permit the use of dog collars, others totally ban it and some permit specific requirements. Confused already? Keep on reading to understand what’s legal and which products can get you into trouble if used in Australia.

Types ofelectric dog collars in Australia

Before you get into the legal status of a product, it is very important to understand the different types of products available in the market.

On one hand, there are cheap and harmful products that deliver harmful shocks with no adjustable settings. Then, we have some dog-friendly anti-barking collars manufactured after millions of dollars worthof R&D. These products are harmless as they are designed with the dog’s welfare and legal status in mind.

Consumers might use the terms interchangeably because the commonly used marketing terms have made the line between a legal and an illegal product obscure. A great deal of confusion has been around but keep in mind that you should never use or buy an electric dog collar. These are inhumane and the word ‘electric collar ’ is illegal in many states in Australia.

Which collar do you buy to legally train your dog in Australia?

A legally compliant dog trainer collarcan be an electronic collar.

There is a huge difference between an electric and an electronic collar. Out of confusion, you may use the terms interchangeably, but be wise while using the product. Steer clear of inhumane electric collars which are also known as shock collars. Rather you must search for a safer, dog-friendly and legal electronic collar.

Electronic collars are designed to emit a sound and a vibrating warning before delivering the electronic stimulus. Moreover, a static correction is totally different from electric shock which might harm your dog. The sensation levels are adjustable in the advanced range of training collars and there are built-in features to improve the safety standards. The collar will automatically stop sending signals if the dog doesn’t respond within the set time frame.

Bottom line
The legal status of a dog collar depends on the technology in the collar and the wording used in the legislation. Electric collars are banned whereas electronic systems are permitted in some states.

Check the local laws to get the right training aid for your dog. Your dog’s safety and welfare are your top priority so choose a brand with a similar philosophy.

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