Biography of Abba Ahimeir (Abraham ben Aizik Shaul Geisinovich)

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Dr. Abba Ahimeir (Hebrew: אב"א אחימאיר, born: Abba Shaul Geisinovich, 1898-1962) was a journalist, writer and historian, and one of the ideologues of Revisionist Zionism.

Ahimeir was born in Dolgoein, Belarus. He studied philosophy in Vienna and Liege, and wrote his Ph.D thesis about Oswald Spengler's The Decline of the West.

In 1924, he immigrated to the British Mandate of Palestine, and became a supporter of active resistance to British Mandate authorities. In the revisionist magazine Doar Hayom ("Daily Mail) he wrote a column titled "From the Notebook of a Fascist.". He was a fierce critic of the Haavara Agreement and its chief negotiator, Haim Arlosoroff. In 1935 he was arrested and imprisoned for organizing the illegal clandestine organization Brit HaBirionim, and charged with plotting the assassination of Arlosoroff. Abba Ahimeir's views significantly influenced the shaping of the ideology of the Irgun and the Lehi undergrounds.

Profile: אב"א אחימאיר (אברהם שאול גייסנוביץ

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