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Daniel Frishberg is an American businessman, author and podcast host. His podcast program, The MoneyMan Report, which features Frishberg’s market insights and analysis, and features national financial commentators.

Early life

Frishberg was born in Staten Island, New York, where his parents raised him and his two brothers. He graduated early from Fair Lawn High School in New Jersey at the age of sixteen and later attended New York University.

Frishberg worked at Prentice Hall. He later earned a living trading part-time on Wall Street.

Other ventures

He is host of the MoneyMan Report, which airs on the web from Themoneyman.com.

Through his affiliation with The International Trade Center in Houston, and its CEO, publishing magnate, Wea Lee, Frishberg and FMI offer consultation and marketing support to businesses in the U.S. who need the special expertise and contacts to do business in China and Taiwan.

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Daniel Frishberg with fraudulent conduct in connection with promissory note offerings made to clients of his investment advisory firm. The SEC and HOUSTON-based BIZRADIO founder DANIEL FRISHBERG have settled the agency's case against the host for fraud, reports the WALL STREET JOURNAL, with FRISHBERG paying a $65,000 penalty to be paid to investors and agreeing not to associate with investment advisers. FRISHBERG is not admitting or denying the allegations.

FRISHBERG had been charged with advising clients through DANIEL FRISHBERG FINANCIAL SERVICES to invest in BIZRADIO without informing them about conflicts of interest or the company's financial condition. His associate ALBERT FASE KALETA and KALETA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT were charged with fraud in 2009.

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