Do Cat Fences Provide A Safe Barrier For Your Pet?

 Cat owners spend hours and hours designing the most innovative barriers on their property. No matter what, peace of mind is still a distant dream for many cat parents who invested in conventional pet fencing systems to create a safe territory. If your cat is also an escape artist, don’t even bother wasting your time on traditional fencing systems.

In this post, you get an insight into the pitfalls of installing conventional pet fencing systems. Let’s discuss how a cat electric fence surpassed the competition and became an obvious choice for creating safe and secure territories.

Why is traditional cat fencing not a great choice?

Cat safety is a major concern for pet parents. Fence top barriers, cruel enclosures and various other products are marketed to contain your pet. However, cats are territorial creatures; escaping, hunting and exploring are natural to them. You are not supposed to be covering all the trees and shrubs in your backyard with metal wires to restrict the movement of your cat. These pointed fence top barriers might harm your cat.

No matter how many times a brand claims that its design is so clever and innovative, you won’t be able to attain total peace of mind when it comes to determined cats like to jump and their claws are ideally designed for that. If you invest in a traditional clever fencing system, chances are high that the cleverness of your cat will clash with the system. You may end up rescuing your cat when it gets stuck on the overhung mesh or posts of the containment system.

How to design an effective cat fence barrier?

You might like to implement an innovative pet fence system that actually works. Technology has made our lives simpler, so why not get yourself a smart invisible cat fence? It is reliable, it is hidden and it is trusted by cat parents across the globe.

The cat fence is designed using a special wire that runs around your property. You get a collar receiver with this fencing system. Using the digital transmitter technology via the radio signal is detected by the cat collar. When the system is activated, the lightweight and waterproof collar receiver alerts your cat to stay away from the boundary. As soon as the cat nears the boundary, the collar sends an audible warning to protect your cat. If your cat decides to ignore the audible alarm, the fencing setup also comes with customised electronic stimulations. You can opt for adjustable settings for the correction levels to keep your cat contained in a safe and effective way.

Are electric cat fences safe?

Victoria Code of Practice allows the usage of electronic fence collars under the cat training and conditioning protocol. These fencing systems are completely safe and won’t harm your pet. Make sure you invest in a quality product that comes with programmable settings to adjust the correction levels.

For the best valued cat fence Australia, check out the range at Hidden Fence. Their electric fences are recognised for their 99.99% success rate in cat containment.

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