Emanuel Nunes Carvalho - Biography

Emanuel Nunes Carvalho (1771, London - 1817, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) was an American Rabbi and Lexicographer.

In 1799, Rabbi Nunes Carvalho secured employment as rabbi of the community in Bridgetown, Barbados. In 1806, he immigrated to the United States and taught Hebrew to Jewish children and Christian clergyman. In 1811, he was appointed rabbi of the Jewish community in Charleston, South Carolina, and conducted a Jewish school there. In 1814, he served as rabbi in Philadelphia's Mikve Yisroel Synagogue.

Rabbi Nunes Carvalho's sermon in memory of Gershom Seixas Mendes was the first Jewish sermon printed in the United States.

1814/09/17 - Keely, St. Sebastian to Rabbi Emanuel Nunes Carvalho, Bill of Sale for a male slave named Sandy. South Carolina Archives Series No. S213003, Volume 41, page 231

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