Leonid Yarmolnik - biography

Leonid Isaakovich Yarmolnik (Russian: Леони́д Исаа́кович Ярмо́льник; born January 22, 1954) is a Soviet and Russian actor and film producer.


Leonid Yarmolnik was born on January, 22nd, 1954 in Grodekovo of Primorsky Krai to the family of the Soviet Army officer. In 1960th Yarmolnik's family has located in Lvov. Leonid studied there at musical school and engaged in a drama school at the Lvov Folk theater. In 1972 a student of Schukin Theatrical College and graduated from the acting class of Katin-Yartsev, famous Russian actor and an acclaimed Vakhtangov Theater Arts School pedagogue in 1976. In 1976—1984 he was an actor in Taganka Theatre. Yarmolnik started his own studio L-Club specializing in film distribution and anchored a TV program with the same name. He occupies the place in the jury of the popular KVN game series. He was honored with the State Prize of the Russian Federation in 2001 for the role of Actor in The Barracks .

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