What are the different types of dog collars in Australia?

 Get your dog to listen to your commands with formal training at an early age. If you feel that the conventional methods of training are inefficient for the naughty breed of dog that you have, try the wonderful range of dog trainer collars. 


Remote training collar


When you were out with the dog and couldn’t tell your dog’s whereabouts- we know that trouble. The problem has finally found a solution in the form of remote dog trainer collar. These collars are designed with transceiver technology that can locate your dog within a 800 metre radius.


These are the only remote training dog collars Australia that come with dual mode technology. You may choose the audible signal mode or the vibration mode depending on the training requirements.



Designed with digital FM technology, the innovative collar tells the owner when the dog goes out of the range. This indeed helps to keep your pets safe. These collars are considered the most effective and safest tool to change your dog’s behaviour compared to other methods of dog training.


Bark training collar


Bark collars are designed to communicate with the dog about its limits to excessive barking. 


The collars act as a useful tool to improve the bond between the dog and its owner. If a dog fails to respond to the command and continues  nuisance barking, these collars help minimise the barking.


Make sure you use a bark collar that passed the safety standards. Let your dog be a dog and don’t buy a cheap dog shock collar.  Using electric dog collars in Australia is banned in some states so keep that in mind when you are choosing a no-bark trainer for your furry friend. 


You might get into trouble as per the regulations, though electronic dog collars are permitted in most states in Australia. Thereby, find a collar that offers as low as .25kv level stimulation that only works on  cognitive processing and humanely controls the barking behaviour. 


Walking trainer


To make the walking experience more enjoyable, you can try out these wonderful walking trainers. These were the industry’s first dog collars Australia to come with automatic adjustment features to let your dog walk without leash pulling.


Within the first 50 metres of a walk, pet owners have noticed remarkable improvements in the lead pulling behaviour of their dogs. The adjustable settings and low vibrations are pretty safe and effective for training the dog. You cab be confident that the experience is going to be enjoyable when you are walking out of the door with your dog.


These collars are extremely lightweight and equipped with adjustable settings up to 5 levels. Designed with innovative technology, these trainers passed all the safety checks and can be used as a training product. This is not an electric dog collar, it is a vibrating electronic trainer that is permissible in most Australian states and territories. If you want to train your dog how to walk properly, avoid using a shock collar and try these innovative and gentle walking trainers. 


Final thoughts


Dogs are meant to have a fun loving and mischievous personality. However, if rewarding and other methods of training have failed, try the innovative range of training products. Visit the link below to check out the range of safe and quality approved dog collars in Australia.



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