What is a shock collar good for?

 Some dogs behave so well. They play calmly in the backyard, they don’t bark at the mailman and they don’t even pull on the leash while out for a walk,while some breeds are so hyperactive that their owners often fail to understand or act upon the science behind training methods.

If your dog belongs to the well-behaved category, how does it feel to beso lucky? By the way, you are reading this post, so we assume that you belong to the latter category and are searching for ways to keep your hyperactive pet calm and well-mannered.

You might have heard about using a shock collar. Both dog trainers and owners seem to be talking a lot about the efficacy of barking collars. However, the law doesn’t permit you to hurt your dog in the name of training. Feeling confused?

A dog shock collar lies at the extreme opposite end of force-free training. Using a shock is absolutely the most inhumane way of training an animal. Moreover, such methods can get you into trouble on legal as well as moral grounds.

You must be wondering, then what’s the catch here? What are the products that everyone is talking about and using with total confidence across Australia?

Using a shock collar is illegal and it is definitely good for nothing. The correct and humane way to condition your dog’s nuisance barking habit is via a dog training collar. These are safe to use for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. These collars don’t deliver shocks and are recommended by dog trainers when conventional methods of training fail.

What is the difference between a dog training collar and a shock collar?

A shock collar administers a shock and can be harmful to your puppy. No dog owner intheir right mind would want to invest in such a product.

On the other hand, the sophisticated and innovative solution is anti-barking collars. These training collars don’t feel like punishment because no electric shock is involved in the operation.

When activated, the collar emits vibrations and electronic simulations. These are absolutely safe and don’t harm even a 4-month old puppy. The working principle behind these modern and advanced training collars is to simply distract the dog from whatever they are doing.

Electronic training collars are totally different from shock collars. New dog parents might becomeconfused because many people often mistakenly use the terms interchangeably. Even when buying or using an electronic collar, they refer to it as a shock collar.

What are the uses of a dog trainer collar?

Follow the proper training protocol and you will be amazed at the results of using a dog training collar. These collars are a lifesaver for pet parents who can’t handle their hard-to-train dog breeds or who are looking for a solution for an older dog. When used efficiently, you can see a remarkable improvement in your dog’s nuisance barking habit and pulling on leash habit.
There are various types of electronic training collars available that can be used as a training aid for stubborn breeds or older dogs. Explore the product range available at Hidden Fence. They sell the safest and most advanced electronic dog training devices that are highly sought after across Australia.

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