Which is the best indoor pet fence?

 A pet fence is not just a containment solution for the outdoors, pet parents need some indoor boundaries as well. You definitely don’t want dog fur in your Pavlova cake sitting on the kitchen island or on that expensive couch fabric. Cats love the crinkling sound and god forbid, they ever get to make their favourite noise on a very important pile of papers.

Cats and dogs are curious creatures, they are always active and sometimes they just invite trouble out of boredom. A simple solution is to invest in an indoor fencing system. In today’s post, we will discuss an electronic dog collar fencing system that is harmless, noiseless and lets you control where your pet can roam.

How does a pet fence work?

The pet fencing system includes using a dog training collar. You get a receiver that is installed on the collar and a wired or wireless transmitter. You can create a pet free zone by installing the transmitter. When a dog or a cat approaches the area while the system is activated, the collar sends an audible warning. When the collar receiver enters the avoidance zone, it sends customisable electronic stimulation.

Which is the best indoor pet fence?

The vast availability of pet training products makes it difficult to pick the right one. The most suitable solution must be safe, effective, harmless and value for money. The pet fencethat is winning the hearts of pet parents across Australia byHidden Fence.

Features: The indoor/outdoor boundary system features a rechargeable and waterproof transmitter. Featuring 4K and 8K frequency setting options, the indoor fence is the best option for working with pets of different sizes, ages, and temperaments.
Benefits: The pet fence is perfect for creating a small, portable and wire-free boundary. The product is very easy to install and it is available in both wired and wireless models.
Usage: It is available for both dog fence and cat fence systems. Pet parents like to use the product to block entryways or to create pet free zones in various areas throughout the house. The product comes with greater flexibility as you can create 0 to 3 metres of avoidance areas with programmable settings.
Value for money: It works well with DogWatchreceiver collars, so if you already have the collars you don’t need to buy a separate collar for the fence. Hidden Fence products are recognised for their unmatched build quality and top-rated components. Moreover, the brand gives a 2-year warranty on the fencing system.
Tailor made solutions: Hidden Fence allows you to build your fencing system from scratch. There are various models of transmitters available, you get to pick the system, get the required length of wire, and pick the collar.


The portable and rechargeable models are the best choice for creating indoor boundaries. Explore the models available at Hidden Fence and create pet free zones with total ease. Hidden Fence is a recognised brand for top-notch pet training products and dog collars in Australia.

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