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10 Advantages of K7 Free Tools and How You Can Make Full Use of It

Do you feel that free antivirus software’s do not offer comprehensive protection to your system? Well, here’s ten ways in which you can utilize K7 free tools to ramp up security of your devices.

New cyber threats are popping up every day and it mandates the question, “How protected is your system?” Investing in an antivirus software is the most easy and natural step that you should take. But did you know there are some free tools that you can make use of? Often, we equate quality with monetary value but that may not always be the case. K7 free tools are here to prove it otherwise. With K7 Tools, you can ensure ultimate protection for your system, here’s how:

1. Update security software
You wish to update your security system and the internet is troubling you? Worry no! K7 offline updater allows your system to be updated even in the absence of an internet connection. It comes with an installer unlike many viruses’ definition updates. This saves you the worry of wondering where to place the latest definitions. All you need to do is download and double click the installer. So, you can get complete protection for your device, data, and privacy with K7 Free Tools without spending a penny.

2. Help in trouble shooting
Often antivirus companies are not too prompt and considerate about troubleshoot issues in the trail versions. It’s not so with K7 Tools. The K7 Diag tool can collect system and K7 product information for resolving troubleshoot issues. Even after all-round protection to systems there can pop-up a new zero-day attack. In such a scenario, it is pertinent that your antivirus company shouldn’t leave you in muddy waters. It should be able to analyse the situations and relieve your system of the malware in the shortest time possible. This is what K7 does with its Diag tool without charging you for it.

3. Clean malware
Malwares are the constant menace that must be kept at bay to ensure security of your systems. But can you get rid of it for free? The answer is yes. With K7 disinfector tool. It can detect and clean a subset of prevalent file infector malware on your system. The malware scanner is portable and has an easy-to-use interface. You can simply select the drive/ folder to be scanned and a summary report would be presented to you under 5 minutes. With the K7 free tool, you can scan based upon extensions, loggings etc. with a comprehensive guidance on what to do next.

4. Remove invalid proxy entries
Invalid proxy traffic often emerges from an intermediate proxy device. It’s there to manipulate traffic counts. These proxies can hide or facilitate fraudulent activity. This can be detrimental to your privacy and security of your device. The K7 proxy enable fixit tool can resolve the issue for you. K7 antivirus can scan these proxy entries from the Windows registry and solve the update issues for free. Just allow the tool to modify your registry. The tool would make the necessary changes and then you simply need to reboot.

5. Enable autorun feature for computer drives
With the K7 auto-run tweaker tool, you can enable/disable the autorun feature of your computer’s drives. This can be done based on the following drive types:

All drives (which includes the drives as mentioned below)
- Removable drives
- Fixed drives
- Network drives
- CD/DVD drives

The K7 Free Tool is simple and straightforward to use. You simply need to choose from the available options to disable and then rerun the application.

6. Remove TDSS infection
TDSS is a family of rootkit malwares for the Windows operating system. It basically downloads and executes other malwares on your system. It can hinder/ block the functioning of certain programs on your PC and can also deliver ads. The K7 TDSS remover tool can help in identifying and removing such TDSS infections without charging you. This way, K7 free tools ensures absolute protection for your system.

7. Fix corrupted database files
Antivirus software’s contain signatures. Any entry in the antivirus database is commonly referred to as a signature. A virus signature may be defined as a continuous sequence of bytes that is common for a sample. Hence, it’s contained within the malware/impacted files rather than the uninfected files. The K7 DSM fixer is one tool that you can make use of when you download K7 Antivirus for free. The tool can fix K7 antivirus signature database files for free. The tool will automatically scan and would try to repair the corrupted database files.

8. Remove Downloadup
Downadup or Conficker is a computer worm that targets MS windows operating system. It exploits the flaws in the software and dictionary attacks on administrator passwords. The worm makes use of various sophisticated technologies and can be difficult to counter. It’s even notorious as the world’s largest known computer worm infection. But with K7 you need not worry! The Downadup removal tool from K7 has got your system covered. The tool can detect and remove downadup infections. The promptness and proactiveness of the K7 free tool prevent the worm to spread through the network.

9. Standalone utility to uninstall K7 products
A simple and dedicated tool that uninstalls K7 products from your system. Here’s K7 uninstallation tool. You would simply have to run the portable app and click on scan. By doing this, the tool would initiate the removal of any traces of K7 security products from your system.

10. No drag on system performance
Antivirus software’s often slow down system operations. This can happen due to the ongoing automatic scans that the programs perform. Some theories also went up to the extent of stating, antivirus software’s can slow down system speed by 50%! But it’s 2021 and this no longer is the reality. With K7 antivirus software you can keep aside all your annoyances and frustrations that emanate from slowed PCs. Also, you’d need not stop your daily works or feel that resources are being drained by the antivirus. That’s K7 for you!

K7 free tools are here to give you a taste of enhanced security and privacy. Utilize these to better protect your systems.

Wrapping up
Antiviruses come in free and paid versions. Though, the free versions may be devoid of some functionalities, they are not a total waste. You can ramp up the security of your system with K7 free tools. Here’s a simple guide on the tools and their features adding another level of protection.

Visit www.k7computing.com for more details.

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