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A Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addicts

 What is dual diagnosis?

Knowing what to do to support a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with a dual diagnosis can be challenging. According to a top dual diagnosis treatment center near me, a lot of people are unaware of what dual diagnosis is, the types of therapy that are offered, or the resources that are available should any of their friends or family members receive a dual diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis is a phenomenon that refers to the situation where someone has a co-occurring mental health issue and an alcohol or drug use problem. According to leading dual diagnosis centers in Los Angeles, the co-occurrence of these two conditions is a common phenomenon and affects people from all walks of life and age groups.

Statistics showing that roughly 50% of patients with a mental illness also have a substance use problem are widely available in literature about rehab for dual diagnosis. The connections between the two disorders are highly intricate, necessitating meticulous diagnosis and therapy to ensure the affected people's full recovery.

How a dual diagnosis for drug and alcohol addiction is treated

Treatment of a dual diagnosis is very challenging and requires keen attention. Leading dual diagnosis treatment centers near me concur that this is because of the difficulty in pinpointing whether specific issues emanate from substance use, mental illness, or both.

A dual diagnosis treatment center, Ca that I recently visited to get help for my cousin, who had developed suicidal mental health problems due to her drug and alcohol addiction, revealed to me that treatment of a dual diagnosis requires enrolment in a dual diagnosis specialist facility because people’s experiences with dual diagnosis significantly vary. Additionally, people with dual diagnosis disorders are not a homogeneous group.

The severity of the co-occurring disorders, the combination of the underlying disorders, and the presenting signs and symptoms all inform the kind of treatment a person with a dual diagnosis needs.

Overall, according to the leading dual diagnosis treatment centers near me, the optimal therapy for a dual diagnosis involves an integrated strategy where both the mental health issues and the drug use issues are treated concurrently and by the same treatment provider or team.

Treatment for the mental illness aspect of the dual diagnosis co-occurring conditions may include individual or group counseling, medication, peer support, and lifestyle transformation. Treatment for substance use may include detoxification, management of the symptoms associated with withdrawal from use of the substance, and behavioral therapy.

The Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center, Caavers that supporting your loved one through his or her dual diagnosis treatment is essential to their successful recovery.

You can support your loved one successfully go through the dual diagnosis treatment by learning about the dual diagnosis symptoms and treatment options so as to understand what they’re going through; being available for them; being patient with them; encouraging them to seek help; and making sure you get the emotional support you need as you care about them.

Getthe help you need with dual diagnosis treatment

If you have a friend or member of your family who requires dual diagnosis treatment, LA Valley Recoverycanassist you. You can contact them byclicking here to fill out a contact form or by calling 844-777-5287 to speak to one of their dual diagnosis experts.

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