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About Tsal Kaplun Foundation

The Foundation was started in 2016 by a group of Tsal Kaplun’s descendents. Tsal Kaplun spent most of his life (1845-1908) in Krasnostav, a small shtetl in the Volyhnia region of Western Ukraine.

Tsal Kaplun Foundation is collaborating with other organizations, groups and individuals to share knowledge about history, past and present life of Jewish communities in former USSR territories.

We want to celebrate our ancestors’ life and to commemorate the names of the victims of pogroms, the Holocaust, and other atrocities. Pain and suffering of million of Jewish families should be acknowledged by future generations.

“We live – in the mundanity we live,
And memories we’re wrapping in the cape –
The sound of lamenting to escape…
We dream of the lament, it beckons – beckons in the dream…”

From «Krasnostav Requiem» by Ilya Shifrin, English Translation by Irina Barskova

Our mission:

To preserve history of Jewish families,
To pass knowledge of families root to new generations,
To educate people about “Holocaust by Bullets” on territories of the former USSR

Ongoing Projects:

1. Restoration of forgotten Jewish cemeteries and installation of Memorials at “Holocaust by Bullets” sites on territories of former USSR
Actions: 95 burial stones was unearthed at Jewish Cemetery in Krasnostav’, Ukraine; participation in restoration of Jewish cemetery in Beshenkovihi, Belarus; design a model for the Memorial for Jews of Izyslavl.

2. Collection of pieces of Jewish families history
Actions: assembling of historic records from Ukrainian archives; collection of documents, letters, family stories and memoirs “Being a Jew in USSR” was initiated; a prototype of an software application to create customized map of a family migration was developed.

3. Facing Holocaust by Bullets: Personal Stories
Actions: production of a documentary “The Road to Krasnostav”, production of short multimedia “Krasnostav Requeim”, feasibility study (in progress) to re-publish Donna Rubinstein memoir “ I am only one survivor of Krasnostav.”

TKFgen.org offers professionally run web platform for other parties who would like to post their pages and share their content with wider Jewish community. The hosting is free. We are inviting our collaborators to introduce their projects on www.tkfgen.com.

Tsal Kaplun Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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