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About family Kegeles

 I only know about the branch of the Kegeles family who are descended from Alex Kegeles, who immigrated from what is now Belarus, I think. He came with a number of sisters. They settled in New Haven, Connecticut, which is on the East Coast of the U.S., not far from New York City. They came to the U.S. early in the 1900s. 

We always heard from my father that everyone who is named Kegeles is related to each other.  So I would love to know more about my family who lives elsewhere. I don't know how we are all related and would like to know that.

I was also very sad to realize that some of my relatives died in the Holocaust. I had always asked my father if there were relatives still back in (then it was called the Soviet Union) when the Nazis came to power and he said no, he didn't think so.


Автор статьи: Susan McCornack Kegeles
Темы статьи: Origin of the family
Эта статья про фамилии: Kegeles

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