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Artie Kornfeld - Biography

Artie Kornfeld (born Arthur Lawrence Kornfeld, 9 September 1942, Brooklyn, New York) is an American musician, record producer and music executive. He is perhaps best known as the music promoter for the Woodstock Festival held in 1969.



Co-creator and sole promoter of Woodstock 1969, Artie Kornfeld was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1942. The man who would later be deemed "The Father of Woodstock" would go on to become one of the most respected composers, publishers, producers, managers, and promoters in the history of rock and roll.

Kornfeld is the son of a New York City policeman and his wife (Irving & Shirley). Brought up in the early 50s in Levittown, New York, Kornfeld's family constantly moved and he attended six different schools, learning the lessons of the world through the song lyrics played over the radio. Artie Kornfeld would soon live his American dream and become the guiding force to what is now known as "The Woodstock Generation".

Kornfeld got his first guitar in 1956 and learned a few chords that were pretty much universal at the time. He soon found himself with a record deal and on stage with Dion and the Belmonts with The Skyliners singing backup. Kornfeld would further his music career by attending Adelphi College and American University where he met Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas.

After a few more fortuitous music connections, Kornfeld began his enterprise of writing the most Cashbox top 100 of any song writer. Kornfeld became the vice president of Capitol Records in his early 20s, making him the youngest to hold the position and the first vice president of rock and roll ever. By 1966, Kornfeld had written over 75 Billboard charted songs and participated in over 150 albums. In 1969, Kornfeld left Capitol records to co-create The Woodstock Music & Arts Festival.

The Changin' Times

Artie Kornfeld along with Steve Duboff teamed as the Pop/Folk group the Changin' Times. They wrote and recorded "The Pied Piper" in 1965, a song that was a considerable hit for Crispian St. Peters and became one of the most covered records in publishing, and were on tour with Sonny and Cher during the 1965 "I Got You Babe" tour. Kornfeld was also the writer of "Deadman's Curve" from Jan and Dean and songwriter/ producer of the 1967 hit by the Cowsills "The Rain, The Park & Other Things".


When Artie Kornfeld and Michael Lang became best friends in 1968 and Lang eventually moved in with Artie and his wife Linda, the idea of Woodstock was still a dream. The effort of four men: Artie Kornfeld, Michael Lang, Joel Rosenman, and John P. Roberts through Woodstock Ventures made the 1969 music festival a possibility.

Kornfeld's dedication to the Woodstock ideals did not end with the festival. Known as "The Father of Woodstock", a title given to him by the Woodstock Preservation Alliance, he played a big role in helping save the Woodstock site from being built upon when the Max Yasgur farm was sold. Kornfeld is also responsible for putting the Academy Award winning Warner Brother's documentary together. Much of the historical documentation of Woodstock is supplied by the acts featured in the film which Kornfeld had to all convince to appear. He is in the movie so much because backstage, he was solely in charge of getting the performers to sign what were basically blank contracts prior to going on stage. He also hired the award winning director Michael Wadleigh to shoot the film.

Beyond Woodstock

Far after the historical Woodstock festival, Artie Kornfeld has taken the ideals of the counterculture and put them into practice in a modern day setting. He has spent 40 years speaking to schools, organizations, and universities on the true meaning behind Woodstock. The embodiment of the Woodstock Nation has used his career pre and post Woodstock 1969 to convey the true meaning to those with open minds and ears. Kornfeld has done over 5,000 radio interviews and hosts his own show aptly titled "The Spirit Show" with Artie Kornfeld in which he reaches the ears of over 1,000,000 listeners in 20 different countries every Tuesday at 10pm EST.

Internet Radio Show

Kornfeld currently hosts his own Internet radio show "The Spirit Show" with Artie Kornfeld" on artistfirst.com

Published books

  • The Pied Piper of Woodstock (Paperback), 196 pages; Publisher: Spirit of the Woodstock Nation, LLC (October 19, 2009); ISBN 978-0-615-32599-6

Available in the iBook store within iTunes as well http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-pied-piper-of-woodstock/id402274254

Woodstock Movie

Responsible for the historic record & Warner Brothers movie contracts Hired Michael Wadleigh to film the 1970 Academy Award winning movie. Known world wide as “The Father of Woodstock” the name given to him by the Woodstock Preservation Alliance.

Composer, Publisher, Producer, Manager, & Promoter

First Vice President of Rock Music at Capitol Records (or any label) Summary of 40 + years experience: Composer, publisher, producer, manager and promoter of over 100 Platinum projects

Four BMI Million Performance Awards Eight BMI Awards as a Writer & Publisher

As A&R VP (3 major labels) and as an Independent Producer played a major role in the “top of the charts” success of some of the top rock artists of all time.

Manager and Creative Director of the band “Survivor” Took unknown band to the top selling single of all time “Eye of the Tiger”.

Co-Producer & Manager with Don Rubin of the band “Felony” who’s #1 alternative record & Top 30 hit single and # 1 dance record in the U.S. “The Fanatic” & thru Artie’s guidance to the late Rick Carroll (KROQ) which led to the explosion of alternative music & radio.

Consultant to, & protégée of his industry mentor, icon Charles Koppelman EMI (7 yrs) Marketing Director for The Entertainment Co & Screen Gems Music As independent promotion director, became a “must have” for artists because of successes for Neil Young, Tracy Chapman, Survivor, etc.

Public Recognition- TV Interviews- CNN ,VH1, LATE NIGHT SHOW, ET, As performer with Sonny & Cher “I Got You Babe Tour” as “Changing Times” Radio & Press over 300 interviews

Artists, Songs and Facts

The Angels, “I Adore Him", Top 10 Billboard The Bangles, “How Is The Air Up There”, # 1 in 7 countries Bert Sommer, "We're All Playing In The Same Band", Top 40 single and producer of his 3 LP albums Oscar Benton & Artie Kaplan, “Bensonhurst Blues”, # 1 in Europe 3 times, Alain Delon Movie “The Skin of a Cop” Jerry Butler & Betty Everett, “We Need Each Other”, Top 10 Album Duet Freddie Cannon, “Lookin For Fun”, Billboard top 60 Changing Times, “The Pied Piper”, Writer & Producer, Top 50 Single - USA Cher, “The Pied Piper”, Top 5 Album Crispian St.Peters, “The Pied Piper”, Top 3 Worldwide The Cowsills, “The Rain,The Park & Other Things”, (aka “I Love The Flower Girl”), Producer and # 1 Worldwide The Cowsills, Album written & Produced A.Kornfeld, Platinum Single, Gold Album The Cowsills, “We Can Fly”, Top 10 Single Al Hirt, “We Can Fly - Up Up & Away” Medley, #1Jazz Single Worldwide, #1 Adult single Billboard Johnny Crawford, “Judy Loves Me”, written & produced with Jan Berry, Top 40 Billboard Connie Francis, “Turn Another Page”, Top 40 Billboard Gene Pitney, “Turn Another Page”, Top 60 Billboard The Hullabaloos, “Did You Ever”, Top 5 Europe, Top 60 USA Jan & Dean, “Dead Mans Curve”, Written with Brian Wilson & Jan Berry, #1 USA, Top 10 –Aust/NZ/Europe Jan & Dean, “Little Old Lady From Pasadena” LP, co-writer of all except title song, Top 10 Album Worldwide Jay Black & The Americans, “She Doesn’t Know It”, B side hit single, “I hear Trumpets Blow”, Come A Little Bit Closer LP (Top 10) Wayne Newton, “If I Only Had A Song To Sing”, Top 60 Billboard Pop & Country Tony Orlando, “She Doesn’t Know It”, Last solo single before “Tony Orlando & Dawn” Gary Lewis & The Playboys, “When The Parties Over”, Top 40 Single The Tokens, Three Songs on the album “Come A Little Bit Closer", Top 10 Album Worldwide Reparperata & The Delrons, “And The Music Went On & On”, “How Can You Tell”, charted in Billboard Minnie Ripperton & The Rotary Connection, “Aladdin”, Top 50 in Billboard, opened the door that led to the hit “Loving You” Crispian St. Peter, “Aladdin” (follow up to #1 Pied Piper), Top 10 Europe The Shirelles, “Tonight You’re Gonna Fall in Love With Me”, Top 20 Pop Billboard, Top 5 R&B Dusty Springfield, “Guess Who”, Top 40 USA, Top 20 Europe Bobby Hebb, “Some Kind of Magic” Follow-up to #1 “Sunny”, Top 40 Billboard Woody Allen, “Chicken Of The Sea”, only time Woody Allen ever sang on a record!

Artists signed, promoted or developed by Artie Kornfeld

Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, Jack Johnson, Vin Colella, Bruce Springsteen, Tracy Chapman,Melissa Etheridge, Extreme, Edie Brickell, Vanilla Ice, Kix, Sass Jordan, Nuclear Valdez, Queensryche, Depeche Mode, Felony, Billy Joel, John Fogerty, Santana, Steve Perry, Kiss, Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt, Tom Petty, Survivor, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, The Band, Blondie, Davy Jones, The Left Banke, Bert Sommer, Bob Seger, Triumph, The Cowsills, J. Giles Band, Roger Miller, Linda Ronstadt, Alanis Morissette, Lou Rawls Mandrill, Jimmy Castor, George Segal, Tragically Hip, April Wine, Joe South, Wilson Phillips, Alice Cooper, Paul Cotton, Michelle Shoked, Joe Cocker, ZZ Top, Marshall Tucker, Greg Allman Band, Ratt, Vixon, Steel Heart, Asia, TNT, Quiet Riot, Eddie Money, Patti Griffin & Lawson Garrett, John Williams, Chuck Norris, Ryan Gold, Justin Bieber, Billy Ray Cyrus, AC/DC, and pretty much everyone on the Warner Brothers record label.

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