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 An electronic dog fence or more commonly known as an electric dog fence bunnings,is a wired pet containment system. The wires are concealed around the premises of your property and keep your furry friend safe and confined.

The fence is connected via radio transmitted signals to the dog boundary collar. It is an effective way to keep pets protected without having a physical boundary. Letting your dog roam and play freely outside the house is possible when you get invisible dog fencing. Wondering how it works and if it is really worth it? Let’s discuss this in detail.

How does invisible dog fencing work?

In this setup, pet owners get a transmitter device installed within the boundary that creates an invisible fence with the help of the wire. When a receiver is attached to the dog’s collar, the system gets activated.

The transmitter transmittstothe wire buried at the boundary of your property. When a dog with a receiver on the collar approaches the boundary line, it gets audible alarms or vibrations that deter it from crossing the limit.

Is it going to work?

Many pet parents and dog trainers vouch for the efficiency of electronic fences,more commonly describedas an electric fence for dogs. Here are a few key things that might help pet parents understand the success of this system:

The containment system is suitable for all ages, sizes and breeds of dogs.
The electronic stimulation is used to surprise the dog. When used repeatedly, it trains them not to cross the boundary.

High-end products come with adjustable settings, which means you can decide the vibration levels that work best for your dog and its temperament.

Custom designed correction levels are not going to hurt your dog. The static effect creates a diversion, which only surprises and deters your dog and is not going to harm it.
Training is considered essential for the success of the system. To begin the training, white flags can be installed at the boundary to make visual limits for the pet.
It can be concluded that a few weeks of training and consistency is the key to success. Moreover, the efficacy levels of a pet containment system also depend on the quality of the product.

Only choose a quality product that comes with innovative features, adjustable correction levels and customisable settings to offer the best possible outcomes.

Is a dog boundary collar worth it?

No matter how tall you build the fence, if your dog is active and anxious enough, it will find a way to escape. On the other hand, you can invest in an electronic, or more commonly known electric dog collar fence,from a reputed brand.

You don’t have to change the landscaping, no need for physical barriers and you can attain peace of mind that your dear dog won’t escape. To ensure the desired outcomes, you need to invest in a trusted brand and also pay attention to the importance of training.

Explore the options available at Hidden Fence. They are a team of pet lovers fascinated with innovation and helping dog owners to design efficient,value for money pet containment systems.

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