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 Most pet owners struggle to keep their dogs and cats safe inside the yard. When conventional fences fail, pet experts inventedthe solution of an invisible fence for cats.

The electronic fence more commonly known as a dog electric fence,has a technologically advanced feature that contains pets inside a boundary. In this containment system, a dog learns to stop at the boundary with the help of electronic stimulation. Such systems are immensely popular among pet parents.

Perhaps recently, you were planning to shop for a dog electric fence kit and your friend who read something on Google commented that these systems are noteffective. The confusion about the efficacy of such systems is totally understandable.

It’s important to know that there is so much misinformation associated with pet containment system. In order to attain 100% efficacy from the system, you needto understand the role of consistency and repetition. In this post, we share 5 facts that will help you understand whether an electronic dog fence is worth it or not.

5 Lesser known facts about a hidden dog fence

Brand selection: The efficacy of a product majorly depends on the authenticity of the brand. If you buy cheap DIY kits that you purchased from a hardware store, the outcome is definitely not what you expected. For instance, a poor quality collar receiver doesn’t work properly and thinner fence cable shortens the lifespan of the product.

Installation: Apart from using the right product, the key to attaining total efficiency from a product is to install it properly. The transmitter that sends signals should be located strategically. Fence wires should be installed properly with surge protectors and other essential components that offer all-round performance with skilful planning for pools, decks, driveway crossings etc.

Training: The efficacy of a system also depends on training protocol. You candog electric fence using the best-in-class technology and the most sophisticated collar receiver, but if you don’t train your dog adequately, all your efforts are of no use. Keep in mind that you can’t set and forget about such systems, consistency is the key. Train your dog to attain 100% efficiency of the system.

Duration: Have a little patience when you start using a hidden dog fence. Afteronly using it a couple of times, some pet owners comment that such containment systems are a waste of money. It is important to understand that every breed is different. You have to be patient with training and consistency to see improvements.

Experience: Here is a myth buster for all pet parents who think pet containment systems are inhumane. The collar is equipped with modern technology that only works on sensory receptors. Electronic stimulation is only used for positive reinforcements, it can’t hurt even a 4 month old puppy. Wearing this collar, your dog doesn’t feel any pain as the stimulation feels a bit like the sensation you would get from a TENS machine., teaching themto stay calm and overcome problems with their anxious and hyperactive behaviour.

Although a lot of myths are associated with the feature rich pet containment systems,most dog trainers and pet owners still recommend using an innovative solution to control the anxiety and curiosity of their furry friends. Visit the link given below to order the most effective and everyone’s favourite electric (electronic)dog fence kit.

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