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Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addicts

 What is dual diagnosis?
When a person experiences both a mental health illness and a problem with alcohol or drugs at the same time, it is referred to as having a dual diagnosis.
A rehab for dual diagnosis near me asserts that people with dual diagnosis develop drug or alcohol use disorders and, in turn, start to experience symptoms of depression due to their use of alcohol or drugs, or vice versa.
According to the Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center California, the condition is known as dual diagnosis and will require substantial treatment to overcome when alcohol or drug use issues coincide.

Treatment for dual diagnosis
While treating substance abuse as well as alcohol and drug addiction is never an easy task, the situation is usually complicated when you have to simultaneously treat the co-occurring mental health problems.

As asserted by leading dual diagnosis treatment centers in California, this is because both conditions have their own unique symptoms that could get in the way of an individual’s ability to function normally.

The co-occurring disorders also have an impact on one another, which adds to the complexity of the problem. For instance, when a person's mental health issue is left untreated, their substance misuse issue typically worsens, and vice versa.

As with many dual diagnosis centers, dual diagnosis treatment centers in California assert that the best treatment for co-occurring disorders is to deploy an integrated approach where both the drug or alcohol use problem and the mental health disorder are treated simultaneously.

According to Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Los Angeles, whether an alcohol or drug addict’s mental health or drug/alcohol use disorder comes first, long-term recovery from both disorders will depend on getting treatment for both by the same treatment provider or team. Depending on the addict’s specific issues, leading drug rehab centers in Los Angeles agree that treatment for such addicts' mental health issues could include medication, individual or group counseling, self-help measures, lifestyle changes, and peer support.

According to the treatment literature I've acquired from top dual diagnosis rehab centers near me, an addict's drug and alcohol abuse may be treated with behavioral therapy, detoxification, managing withdrawal symptoms, and support groups to help them stay sober.

Basics to dual diagnosis treatment
An important lesson I gathered from the Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center, Venice, CA is that whereas there are a variety of approaches that dual diagnosis treatment programs may take, an effective treatment should entail the following basics:

Co-occurring disorders should be treated concurrently and by the same medical specialists.

The patient undergoing dual diagnosis treatment for drug and alcohol addiction should be involved in determining treatment decisions. He or she should also be active in establishing objectives and formulating plans for the change they hope to see.

During treatment, the addict should be taught appropriate coping mechanisms and techniques to reduce substance abuse. Additionally, the addict needs to learn coping mechanisms for dealing with life's stresses, difficulties, and upsets.

For drug and alcohol abusers receiving dual diagnosis therapy, a basic introduction to their disorders and the issues they raise should be provided.

Need help with dual diagnosis treatment?
It is not easy to find a rehab for dual diagnosis that can effectively treat your co-occurring mental and substance use disorders. That is why you need help to identify one that will effectively work for you.

Institutions such asLA Valley Recoveryassist drug and alcohol addicts seeking assistance to identify an effective rehab for dual diagnosis near them.You can send an inquiry to them by clicking here or by calling 844-777-5287 to speak to their experts in dual diagnosis treatment.

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