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The Advantages of Wearing Titanium and Gold Jewellery

 People have been getting their bodies pierced for thousands of years, not just for the ears. The reasons people got their bodies pierced shifted over time. The number of piercings people get and the frequency with which they get them has skyrocketed in recent years. With this surge in demand comes a plethora of body jewellery options, all of which come in a wide range of styles, metal grades, and prices. Some people react to jewellery made of stainless steel or other metals that many deem harmless. As a result, many piercers use Titanium nose rings for new piercings since it is generally well-tolerated by patients with metal sensitivities.

In comparison to steel, Titanium piercing jewelry is considerably lighter, although being about as strong. Autoclaving titanium is a viable option for sterile processing. Titanium, as previously indicated, is a great option for consumers who have sensitivities to, or outright allergies to, other metals. It will not rust, corrode, or oxidize in typical conditions, which is wonderful news for anyone who spends time in the water or at the beach.

The advantages of Titanium

Most piercers recommend implant-grade Titanium for first piercings, while the APP has also certified a few other materials.

This is why:

There isn't any nickel in it. Nickel is the most prevalent contact allergen worldwide, according to scientists. It is commonly used in body-piercing jewellery. Titanium is hypoallergenic because it lacks nickel, which can irritate the skin or trigger an allergic reaction.

A high strength-to-weight ratio characterizes it. On the other hand, Titanium is significantly weaker than steel but just as powerful (if not more so). This strengthens it, making it less prone to break or bend.

It's not heavy at all. Titanium's low density is what makes jewellery fashioned of it so much lighter than that of other metals.

It is anodized. Titanium's natural, dark metallic tone is very hip. Titanium, however, comes in various colours that other stainless steels don't. Anodizing, an electrochemical procedure, is used to achieve this goal without keeping the surface unaffected in any way other than its new hue.

Wearing gold body jewellery offers many advantages:

Restores normal blood pressure

When worn or carried, gold's 'heart-friendly' properties increase blood flow and oxygen delivery to all parts of the body.To increase blood flow and other physiological fluids to the foetus and the mother, it was once recommended that pregnant women wear a gold body jewelry around their bellies.

Reduces arthritic pain

Did you know that after World War II, rheumatoid arthritis was treated using gold? To ward off rheumatism and flaunt his wealth, the host of a Renaissance Venetian social gathering may offer his guests a plate of gold-coated almonds as a dessert. Gold's anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal remedy for people living with arthritis.


Titanium and gold jewellery is a solution that is risk-free and dependable, and it is especially recommended for new piercings. Titanium earrings piercings may be more expensive than piercings performed with jewellery made from other materials; however, the trade-off is that there is a lower risk of complications when using Titanium.

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