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What are the advantages of living far away from home and how can you save money? Ireland

 Reading this article will help you to understand the advantages of living away from home and how to save money in a brand new city:

You will suddenly become an adult.

You may be 16, but you must remember that you are maturing under your parents watch. Dublin Host Families You will always be their child, still figuring out how the world works while they hold your hand.

No matter how old you get, you will still be a kid in their eyes, especially if you have never left the home before. Your mom will still ask you what time you will be home at, when you are spending time with your friends, and your father might still boss you around. It can be damaging for your personal growth and development. Once you leave the home, things change drastically. You are suddenly in a position where you start planning and budgeting and start taking responsibility for things. Undoubtedly, it is a stepping stone in becoming an adult.

You can develop your own views.

When you stay with your mom and dad they can’t resist giving you advice, even when it is unsolicited. From what you eat to how you are carrying your everyday lifestyle. Be prepared to listen to harsh and irrelevant advice from them.Host Family Dublin When you live abroad you can control these negative inputs. Living abroad will actually help you to make your own decisions and face the consequences, good or bad.


Booking accommodation with an English speaking Family Home: Although it may be difficult to find perfect homes, students should try and find family homes that are relatively affordable as opposed to living alone. In the family home system, you will get meals which can save money. Also, you have access to various other amenities which would otherwise be chargeable.

Bike or bus: In a TU Dublin survey, 17% of students expressed that they allocate a major amount of money to travel. The Irish School System has no comments on the issue. You can save money by traveling by bike which costs around €25 annually. To make things even more convenient, live close to the activity provider so you can cut down time spent travelling daily.

Claiming tax back: Check if you fall under the tax rebate on fees. If you or your family is paying for a sibling too, they can claim tax relief to make the whole experience even more affordable.

Scholarships: It is one of the obvious points but often overlooked. Apply for a scholarship for which you may be eligible. In Dublin, you are most likely to get a scholarship if you fall within the eligibility criteria.

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