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What is Gingivitis and what is the cost of Gingivitis Treatment?

 When you don’t follow dental hygiene rules properly like brushing, flossing, etc, the plaque is built up in your mouth and when it is not removed regularly it becomes hardened and makes gums inflamed that further leads to the gum disease known as gingivitis

Gingivitis causes redness, irritation, swelling surrounding your gum tissues. And if it is left untreated, it can lead to serious gum diseases that can cause tooth loss. 

Gingivitis Causes:

The main cause of being gingivitis is the formation of plaque on teeth which is developed when your oral hygiene is poor. Plaque is an invisible sticky thin layer that produces germs. Plaque is formed when the starch or sugar in the food remains on the surface of teeth for longer which invites germs. Moreover, it requires daily elimination because it reforms very fast. If it is not detached it becomes hardened below your gum line that converts into tartar which houses bacteria. Tartar makes plaque elimination difficult and you can’t remove it on your own. So, you will require a professional to get it done.   

 The longer the plaque and tartar remain on the teeth the more they cause gum irritation that leads to gum inflammation. With passing time it can make gums bleed easily. Furthermore, it can cause tooth decay or it can reach its advanced stage i.e. periodontitis.

Gingivitis Symptoms:

The natural color of healthy gums is pale pink that is quite firm to be fitted tightly surrounding your teeth.  The following indications can tell you that you have gingivitis or not.

inflammation of the gums

Dark red colored gums.
Gums start bleeding with brushing and flossing.
Bad smell
Prone to the tooth loss.
Sore gums.
Diagnosis of the disease by the Dentist Midtown:

Will examine your teeth, gums, and tongue for the identification of plaque, if it is there.
Will measure the pocket depth of the channel between your gums and teeth by using a dental probe.
The healthy pocket depth is considered between one and three millimeters, if it is deeper than the normal size, it indicates gum disease.
Then, he/she will take your dental X-rays to check out if there is a bone loss in affected areas.
If the disease has reached its advanced stage, he/she will refer you to a periodontist. 
Gingivitis Treatment and cost:

The Houston Dentist will perform a thorough cleaning to remove the traces of plaque from your mouth. The following procedure is known as scaling or root planing. It eliminates tartar and germs from your tooth surfaces and below your gum line. It washes away all germs produced by gum inflammation and smoothens the gum surface that prevents the further building of plaque and tartar. The procedure may be done using laser instruments or ultrasonic devices. 

Besides, the professional will schedule you a cleaning procedure to be done at home regularly for further preventions from various dental issues. You should also visit the dentist for professional cleaning at regular time intervals.

The treatment may range between $500 to $10,000 depending on the cruelty of the disease.

The cost of scaling may be between $140 and $210.

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