If the Romans had been obliged to learn Latin, they would never have found time to conquer the world.

Heinrich Heine

Morris Bernhardt

Morris Bernhardt

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    Shortly before Maurice's wedding his father, the Prince de Ligne, told Maurice that he was prepared to officially recognise him and offered him his name and a substantial fortune. Maurice replied that as his mother had raised him single-handedly and had made such great sacrifices in the process he preferred to remain a "Bernhardt". An amusing event followed soon after. Maurice accompanied his father to la Gare du Nord to catch his train. There was an unusually long line and his father refused to wait. The Prince de Ligne demanded entry stating: "I am the Prince de Ligne". The platform controller was rather unimpressed and said he had never heard of him and told Prince Henri to take his place at the back of the line. Maurice then came forth and declared he was the son of Sarah Bernhardt. They were immediately ushered through. Maurice is alleged to have told his father that he hoped he now realised that the name "Bernhardt" also had its advantages.


Family tree

Morris Bernhardt

(December 22, 1864December 22, 1864 Gregorian
December 10, 1864 Julian
Kislev 23, 5625 Hebrew
, Brussels - )

(October 22, 1844October 22, 1844 Gregorian
October 10, 1844 Julian
Cheshvan 9, 5605 Hebrew
, Paris - March 26, 1923March 26, 1923 Gregorian
March 13, 1923 Julian
Nisan 9, 5683 Hebrew
, Paris)

(September 8, 1863September 8, 1863 Gregorian
August 27, 1863 Julian
Elul 24, 5623 Hebrew
- )

(18891889 Gregorian
1888 Julian
5649 Hebrew
- )

(18961896 Gregorian
1895 Julian
5656 Hebrew
- 19771977 Gregorian
1976 Julian
5737 Hebrew


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