Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.

Sigmund Freud

Angelina Schekin-Krotov

Angelina Schekin-Krotov

Angelina Schekin-Krotov
  • Occupation types
    Scholarly activity -
    activity related to the expansion of the limits of knowledge.

    This type of activity includes following areas:

    • science,
    • philosophy,
    • theology, etc.
  • Comments
    искусствовед, имя отца Василий, в браке с 1939 года и до смерти Фалька.


Family tree

Angelina Schekin-Krotov

(June 5, 1910June 5, 1910 Gregorian
May 23, 1910 Julian
Iyar 27, 5670 Hebrew
, Lebedin - August, 1992August, 1992 Gregorian
July, 1992 Julian
Av, 5752 Hebrew
, Moscow)

(October 15, 1886October 15, 1886 Gregorian
October 3, 1886 Julian
Tishrei 16, 5647 Hebrew
, Moscow - October 1, 1958October 1, 1958 Gregorian
September 18, 1958 Julian
Tishrei 17, 5719 Hebrew
, Moscow)


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