So long a man imagines that he cannot do this or that, so long it is impossible to him.

Baruch Spinoza

Anthony Widzgowski

Anthony Widzgowski

Anthony Widzgowski
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    Possibly came over from Poland on Norddeutscher LLoyd Berman Steam Co. in either 1895 or 1897. (his son Julius would have been around 20 something).


Family tree

Anthony Widzgowski

(about 1840about 1840 Gregorian
about 1839 Julian
about 5600 Hebrew
, Janow Podlaski - Poland)

(about 1849about 1849 Gregorian
about 1848 Julian
about 5609 Hebrew
, Poland - )

(about November 11, 1875about November 11, 1875 Gregorian
about October 30, 1875 Julian
about Cheshvan 13, 5636 Hebrew
, Warsaw, Poland - 19471947 Gregorian
1946 Julian
5707 Hebrew
, Detroit, MI)


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