It is easier to take a Jew out of exile than to take exile out of the Jew.

Menachem Mendel of Kotzk

Nochem Itzhak Liebkind

Nochem Itzhak Liebkind

Nochem Itzhak Liebkind
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    In 1870 was a cantor, rabbi, ritual slaughterer and mohel in Vyborg. In about 1873 moved to Helsinki where Nochem worked as a cantor and private teacher. In 1880 acting rabbi of Helsinki residing at Uudenmaankatu 34. In 1884 ritual slaughterer and private teacher in Turku. In 1885 was a teacher in Stockholm. In 1889 was not allowed to remain in Finland, obtained permission to stay in Turku as long as remained teacher and Levi of the congregation and provided he bought a 'ticket'. Acted as a rabbi until 1903 when returned in Vitebsk. In 1909 paid to return to Turku.
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Family tree

Nochem Itzhak Liebkind

(September 15, 1840September 15, 1840 Gregorian
September 3, 1840 Julian
Elul 17, 5600 Hebrew
, Витебск - March 16, 1910March 16, 1910 Gregorian
March 3, 1910 Julian
Adar_2 5, 5670 Hebrew
, Abo)

(18381838 Gregorian
1837 Julian
5598 Hebrew
, Nevel - after 1909after 1909 Gregorian
after 1908 Julian
after 5669 Hebrew

(December 10, 1857December 10, 1857 Gregorian
November 28, 1857 Julian
Kislev 23, 5618 Hebrew
, Витебск - August 13, 1896August 13, 1896 Gregorian
August 1, 1896 Julian
Elul 4, 5656 Hebrew
, Russian Federation)


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