Grigory Gorin (Ofstein) - biography

Grigori Israelevich Gorin (Russian: Григо́рий Изра́илевич Го́рин, real surname Ofstein/Офштейн, March 12, 1940, Moscow, USSR — June 15, 2000, Moscow, Russia) was a Soviet/Russian dramatist (playwright) and a prose writer.


Graduated from the Sechenov 1st Moscow Medical Institute in 1963, worked as an ambulanceman for some time.

First works were the sketches for the students' local KVN club. Started to publish his satirical articles and sketches since 1960th. For some time worked as a Chief of the humour department of Yunost magazine, used a pseudonym Galka Galkina In 1966 first book was published - Four under one cover, made in coauthorship. Many of his aphorisms became popular among the Soviet people, e. g. piano in the bushes, which means painstaking preparations for a would-be impromptu. This particular one appeared in a humoresque called Quite accidentally by Arkanov and Gorin, published in that 1966 book.

In 1978 — 1990 Gorin was a regular participant in Vokrug Smekha (Around Laughter), the popular TV program.

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