Origin of the name Ziskand

Ziskand is a derivative of the well-known Jewish family Ziskind. The name Ziskand appeared in the beginning of the 19-th century in the shtetl of Oshmyany not far from Vilna. In our view, people having this family name belong to the same family.

Out of Ziskands known to us today we would like to single out two:

In the same Vilna - in 1908 this family (Ziskand-Valberg L. B.) owned a factory of bent furniture on Orenburg street, located in their own house. It is also known that the grandfather of a wonderful Peterburg poet - Eugene Rein apparently also belonged to this family. Here is how Eugene Rein writes about him: "My grandfather Ziskand Alexander son of Mark was a famous in all Ukraine seller of clothes. He owned a huge shop in Ekaterinoslav and this shop even had branches in Odessa and Kiev."

מחבר המאמר: Am haZikaron

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