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Стефан Цвейг

Менахем Мендель Франкфуртер

Менахем Мендель Франкфуртер

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    Раввин Альтоны. Был учеником рава Эльбошеца. the most resolute individual in the establishment of the Israelitische Armenschule der Talmud Tora (Israelite Talmud Torah Charity School). Born in Hamburg, he later became a teacher and businessman in Frankfuth am Main and Berlin. In Berlin he became acquainted with Moses Mendelssohn and held him in veneration. Frankfurter was a member of the board of the Altona Jewish Community and a member of the committee for the teaching of boys of poor parents. Later he became the chairman of the Altona rabbinical court, without accepting the title or pay of a rabbi, although he was not a paticularly wealthy man. In 1804 Frankfurter's endeavours succeeded in arousing interest in an independent charity school with a close connection to the Altona Community. The school was established in the house, that in 1900 was made No. 122 in the former Elbstraße, and which still stood at the turn of this century, although it was sold in 1857 for businesses and flats, with a prayer hall in one of the rooms. It had three storeys with five windows above the ground floor, and an attic room. A room functioned as office and meeting room where parents and teachers met. Board resolutions were valid only when made here. Pupils were able to take breaks in the spacious yard at the rear. Teachers had to remain the entire day in the school building. The pupils were allowed to leave the school premises for an hour at lunchtime. Evening lessons took place with light from candles or oil. School was also held on Sabbath and festivals. It can be assumed that on certain days of the year afternoons were free. There was never a whole day in the year completely free from school. Today a school building, the Schule Jan-Valkenburg-Straße, again occupies this site at No. 11 Jan-Valkenburg-Straße.


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Менахем Мендель Франкфуртер

(17421742 по н.с.
1741 по с.с.
5502 Еврейский
, Гамбург - 18231823 по н.с.
1822 по с.с.
5583 Еврейский

( - 17921792 по н.с.
1791 по с.с.
5552 Еврейский

( - 17921792 по н.с.
1791 по с.с.
5552 Еврейский

( - 18211821 по н.с.
1820 по с.с.
5581 Еврейский

(17771777 по н.с.
1776 по с.с.
5537 Еврейский
- 18571857 по н.с.
1856 по с.с.
5617 Еврейский

(17821782 по н.с.
1781 по с.с.
5542 Еврейский
, Гамбург - )


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