Dr. Marx – life and death, ancestors and descendants

Dr. Marx – life and death, ancestors and descendants

Karl Marx

Karl Marx who is known to the world as the founder of his own teaching that claims to be the only true explanation of philosophy, history, economics and the very laws of the existence of the humanity as such, was born in 1818, baptized when six, graduated a university and got the title “Doctor of Philosophy”.

The majority of humanity, for which Dr. Marx worked nonstop developing his theories, considers Marx as a Jew. The majority is wrong – Dr. Marx, a descendant of 26 generations of most famous rabbis, tracing their descent from King David, renounced his Jewishness and became an ordinary antisemite.

Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx and his wife Jenny, and their children Laura and Eleanor
Still, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that being a convinced internationalist he hated not only Jews, but he scorned Germans, Russians and Chinese (whom he could hardly ever meet); he could not stand workers (just those to whom he dedicated his theories), he could not tolerate the colleagues and spoke unfavorably of the majority of the human kind, considering it consisting of either idiots or scoundrels (still in the private correspondence the doctor used more harsh words usually). Rather it is easier to name a few people to whom he was not so categorical. This was probably Engels (on whose money he lived) and his own wife, the “iron” Jenny who gave him seven children out of which four died young, one daughter passed away at 43, while the other two daughters committed suicide.
Jenny and Marx

Still, personal qualities of the doctor did not prevent him from creating a theory that found response in some not very calm heads. Thanks to that, a substantial part of the humanity, inspired by his ideas, managed to kill a major part of their compatriots, but yet did not manage to construct the happy future of which doctor Marx spoke as appealingly so vaguely. But even that did not puzzle his many admirers who until today continue to consider him as one of the greatest prophets of the 19-20 centuries.

Materialistic opponents of the doctor call his theories primitivistic and vulgarized while his defenders and fans find justification in the fallacies of the human kind that until today did not produce the practitioner worthy of the great theory. Paradoxically but it was his marginal outlook at the existence of the human kind as the history of a struggle that became almost the dominating one in the 20th century and attracted multitudes of social enviers dreaming to “take away and divide”. Doctor Marx gave this wish unreal legitimacy. In his theory envy became moral, violence became freedom and robbery became justice.

Doctor Marx died in 1883 covered with “furuncles, boils and carbuncles”, from bronchitis.

In any case, we may testify that the ideas of this man who became hateful of his own people still excite the inflamed imagination of many contemporaries. In this short note we are interested not in the contribution of the odious doctor in the ultimate and final making of the humanity happy but rather in his belonging and renouncement of his own people.

Helen Demuth

From this viewpoint a remarkable and logical consequence of the life and the destiny of the doctor is the following fact. Helen Demuth, a maid in the Marx family, got pregnant from the “greatest of the prophets”. Surely, Marx’s wife Jenny “shed rivers of tears”, surely the doctor did not admit the son was his and renounced him, surely his best friend Engels helped by taking the guilt and assuring everybody that he himself seduced the virgin Helen, and of course at first they wanted to give the child into a child shelter and in the end he was adopted by the family of a carrier and a laundress. Naturally the doctor never saw the son and also, in fact, never did the mother, Helen Demuth. Nevertheless the son (named Frederick) who became a mechanician knew all his life that his father was “the greatest prophet”.

Hilda Marx

In 2002 a certain reporter of a Russian Express Gazette K. Schelkov went to Frankfurt and found there a great granddaughter of Frederick, Hilda Marx (Plautz). She told him that her father – Conrade, a great grandson of doctor Marx, in 1933 married a German, took her family name, moved to Germany, entered the Nazi party, served in gestapo and in 1943 perished in the Russian front.

The afterlife destiny of the famous internationalist who hated Jews is sad and natural – a great grandson who became a gestapo member.

Karl Marx and Gestapo – incompatibles? Or, no.

מחבר המאמר: Rachel Gitl Zelikson
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22:22, 30 בינואר 2011

ארנולד Shcherban

Ms. Zelikson,
You like every human being, Jew or not, are granted with having your personal opinion about everything and everyone, but you are not granted with your own facts.
When making public pronouncements, such as this article written for everyone to read you have responsibility to cling to the hard facts and solid arguments, not wishy-washy personal ideological beliefs and premises.
Unfortunately, already your denial of Karl Marx's Jewishness (despite
him being the child of Jewish parents) acknowledged even by his staunch ideological adversaries, including overwhelming majority of Jews, based just on his denial of Jewish and any other religion is nothing but a demonstration of your deep-rooted ignorance and hatred to all Jews who are atheists (Oops,... I forgot that those are not Jews in your imagination.) And you're the one who condemns K. Marx for alleged disparaging remarks about other folks?!

21:04, 25 ביוני 2011

L Kull ארנולד Shcherban

Иными словами, кырлу-мырлу не трожь, он хоть и сука, но наш.

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