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10 reasons to choose Ubuntu Linux as your daily operating system.

 Many reasons to use Ubuntu Linux make it a worthwhile Linux distro. It's free, open-source, highly customizable, and has a software centre full of apps. There are many Linux distributions designed to meet different needs. As open-source software, Linux allows developers to code and create new and exciting things.

Why should you use Ubuntu Linux?

Ubuntu is easy to use
Many computer users believe that Linux-based systems are challenging and designed for developers. This is a big mistake, and Ubuntu Linux is a perfect myth-buster. Like Windows, Ubuntu Linux is straightforward to install, and anyone with basic computer skills can set up the system.

Ubuntu is free
This is a good reason to use Ubuntu Linux. Downloading, installing and using Ubuntu Linux costs less. Download it from your favourite site, create a bootable ISO file, or burn it to a USB drive. It is also adopted by various educational institutions and government agencies worldwide to reduce costs. Moreover, most of the programs are also free.

Safe. Say no to antivirus.
It is wrong to say that Ubuntu is 100% immune to viruses. But the malware risks associated with Ubuntu Linux are negligible compared to Windows, which requires antivirus software. You can also save on the cost of antivirus because you don't need an antivirus.

Advanced customization
One of the main advantages of Linux-based operating systems is the freedom to customize your system. If you don't like a particular desktop environment, replace it with a new one. If you want to avoid your desktop environment, try something new. These features are a natural legacy of Ubuntu Linux, making it ideal for everyday use.

Tons of Ubuntu flavour
New users may not know that there are many other flavours besides the basic GNOME-based ubuntu jammy. Many Ubuntu skins cater to a user's specific needs. If you want to experience a modern and elegant KDE desktop environment, Kubuntu is there.

Supportive Ubuntu community
Like any Linux-based project, ubuntu has strong community support, one of Ubuntu's biggest advantages over other distributions. You can also go online and visit Linux forums to get answers to all kinds of Linux questions.

Low system requirements
Two specific flavours, Lubuntu and Xubuntu, are developed to meet the needs of low-end systems, while standard Ubuntu Unity does not have high-end system requirements.

The Software Center contains a lot of free software
Finding software that interests you is much easier on Ubuntu linux commands. Just open the Ubuntu Software Centre and find all the helpful software. Instead, you can install many programs with a few simple command lines. For basic use, Ubuntu comes pre-installed with a lot of software like Gimp, Chromium, VLC, Firefox, etc.

Better compatibility, driver included
Newer versions of Ubuntu come with the latest Linux kernel. This will allow newer systems with modern chips to run and older hardware. Ubuntu also comes with several pre-installed drivers, saving you time and frustration.

Open source
Last but not least, Ubuntu is open-source. They have discussed the benefits of using open-source software many times. Read more about open-source software here.

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