Man leaves the world with open hands, as if to say, 'I take nothing with me.'

Midrash Ecclesiastes R. 5:14

Frequently Asked Questions


How to find historical and current geographical places associated with the certain surname?

On the Family Names choose the surname of your interest and at the bottom of the page look at the Family Lineage Geography paragraph.

What is the meaning of a little lamp and a torch in the bottom right corner of the photograph?

The little lamp means that this person is a registered member of JewAge network. When this lamp is on this means that person in online. The torch means that this is a deceased person.

What is the difference between JewAge member and non-member (if somebody else entered profile of another person)?

Among other differences, members can send messages and be your “friends”. Also only members can add and edit articles and profiles.

How to create an article?

Only members can add new or edit existing article. An article related to a specific person can be added in the profile page of this person. A general knowledge article can be added on Stories of Jews page.

How to change Access Permission setting for my profile?

Login to you profile page, click on “Edit personal details” link and go to “Access Permissions” tab. Access Permissions control who can view your profile. For profiles created by you it's possible to control who can read and write them.

How to change my Email or Password?

Go to you profile page, click on “Edit personal details” link and select “User Settings” tab.

How to add video to my profile?

You cannot upload video to JewAge, but you can upload it to any video-materials provider (,, etc) and add link to this video using Add Video link on your profile page.

How to add photo to my profile?

Profile photo is set from “Edit personal details” form or by clicking at default profile picture. Additional photos are organized in albums. Use Add Album link to create new albums. When the album is created you can add photos to it.

How to delete profiles?

You may delete person profile from family tree view. You may delete only profiles that you've created.

How to hide profile from search engines like Google?

Go to profile editor and change 'read security' settings.

How to remove page from Google?

First of all, hide it from search engines or delete it. Then follow this instruction:

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