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About JewAge


What is JewAge?

JewAge is a web-portal that includes an online wiki-encyclopaedia, a social network, a genealogical database, a library, an online magazine, a blog, a forum, a geographical and historical reference library and much more - it’s anything and everything about current and past Jewish life (at least, this is our aim :-)

JewAge is a multilingual website, open to everybody. Anyone can become a member and a contributor. JewAge is a site for gathering and preserving the culture and history of our nation. JewAge is an “open source”, not-for-profit project, open to all kinds of collaboration, suggestions and ideas.

At our site, about 5500 people from all over the world, working in different languages, collected information on about 100000 Jews and their family trees. Thanks to their work, about 35000 articles on all kinds of Jews were published and information on more than 7500 places where Jews lived in different epochs was gathered together.

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If you're person then add profiles for yourself and your family. The more info we have the more chance is that you will find some relatives.

If you've got interesting articles please publish them here.

If you're organization having genealogical info we'll be glad to cooperate.

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