The wise man has eyes in its beginning, but the fool goes in the darkness, and I too know that one event happens to them all.

Kohelet 2:14

1500 Years of Landi Nobles and Royalty 634 AD until Today

 Marquis Lorenzo Verso Landi", Marquis of Castelletto Scazzoso *1811
Cardinal Giuseppe Doria Pamphili Landi (Genoa 1751 - Rome 1816)
Count Augustino Landi l 1543 Prince of Holy Roman Empire
Count Niccolò Landi 1606-1669
Count Gennaro Landi 1750
Count Oroardo-Fellice Giantonio Landi 1663
Count Giuseppe- Antonio Landi 1663
Count Cesar Landi 1782
Count Domenico da Castello di S. Maria di Stiappa Soprannominato il Casciarino Landi 1688-1775
Count Alessandro suo nipote Landi 1775
Count Tomio Landi 1776
Count Viduccio Landi 1790
Count Giulio Landi 1790
Count Adriano Landi 1642 Venice
Count Francesco Landi 1743
Count Zanardi Landi 1922
Count Marc Antonio Landi
Count Costanzo Landi 1521-1564 Piacenza
Prince Count Frederico Landi l 1536 Prince of Holy Roman Empire
Prince Count Frederico Landi ll 1600
Count Guido Landi 1542
Count Charles Zanardi Landi
Marquis Beretti Landi 1732
Count Charles Landi
Count Alexander Landi 1856 Rivalta
Count O. Zanardi Landi
Countess Giulia Landi
Count Ortenesio Landi
Count Nispi Landi 1903Prince Doria Pamphili Landi 1839
Countess Karolina Franciscka M Zanardi Landi 1914
Marquess di Seretti Landi 1718
Marquee Beretti Landi 1802
Marquee Alberto Zanardi Landi 1931
Prince Lord, Count Prince Ubertino l Prince of Holy Roman Empire
Count Prince Manfredo l Landi Prince of Holy Roman Empire
Prince Ubertino Landi ll
Prince Corrado Landi 1540 Prince of Holy Roman Empire
Prince Andrea Doria Pamphili Landi
Prince Filippo Andrea Doria Landi 1886
Princess Loepolodina Doria Pamphili Landi 1811-43
Prince Octavio Landi 1545
Count Aldo Landi
Prince Claudio Landi
Count Stephano Landi 1740
Count Pietra Landi
Count Guglielmo Landi
Count Octavio Landi Duke of Guise
Duke Manfredo Landi Duke of Milan
Prince Phillip Andrew Doria Pamphili Landi 1880
Prince Don Frederico Landi 4th Prince of Holy Roman Empire
Prince Conrad Landi
Marquee de Beretti-Landi ambassador of Spain
Countess Elisa Landi
Count Claudio Landi Compiano
Count di Iacobo di Bonaiuto Landi
Master Domenico Landi Pisa
Count Nicolas de Landi
Countess Maria Landi
Prince Juan Andrea Doria Landi
Saint Nicolas du Landi 1718
Princess Polissena Maria Landi
Marquee Benedetti-Landi
Count Camillo Landi 1681-1708
Bishop Jacobe Landi Bishop of Paris 650AD
Bishop Benedetto Landi, of Frossombrone 1630
Cardinal Christopher Landi by Pope Leo X. Created a 14 year old Cardinal. 1415
Bishop Fabiano Francesco Landi 1730
Archbishop Giovanni Landi Archbishop of Greece 1506
Patriarch Girolamo Landi 1458
Count Nicolo Landi 1441
Archbishop Antonio Maria Landi 1707
Count Giacomo Landi
Cardinal Francesco landi
Count Antonio Landi Rivalta 1791
Count Adriano Landi Rivalta 1742
Count Giuseppe Landi Rivalta
Count Francesco Landi Rivalta Marquee Gambo 1687-1760
Count Ippilito Landi Rivalta 1738d
Count Ubertino Landi V Rivalta Marquee Gambro 1681-1760
Count Ernando Landi Rivalta
Count Gian Maria Landi Rivalta 1654d
Count Amellio Christoforo Landi Rivalta
Count Alessandro Landi Rivalta
Count Muzio Landi Rivalta
Count Giasone Landi Rivalta
Count Fabrizo Landi Rivalta
Count Ascanio Landi Rivalta
Count Amador Massiedi Lorenzo Landi 1640
Count Corrado Landi
Marquis Beretti-Landi Renzo Verso, the Scazzoso Castelletto Marquis. - Diplomatic (Piacenza 1651 - Brussels 1725). secretary of state and later the Prime Minister Gonzaga of Mantua, for which he was in Venice, in Poland, in Germany and in Rome; from 1702 to the service of Spain, Plenipotentiary of Philip V in Switzerland since 1703 and in the Netherlands 1716, he signed the Hague Peace (1720)
Bishop Antonio Luigi Landi 1804-1814
Marquess Ludovico Landi lll Chiavenna
Marquess Manfredi Landi lV
Marquess Giampaolo Landi
Marquess Jacobo Landi
Marquess Uberto Landi iV
Marquess Ludovoco Landi lll 1913-1989
Marquess Luigi Landi d1921
Marquess Ludovoco Landi l 1843-1849
Marquess Alfonzo Landi.
Marquess Fernando Landi
Marquess Giambattista Landi d1808
Marquess Francesco Landi d1769
Marquess Giovanni Landi
Countess Giulia Landi 1563
Mayor Pietra (Lando) Landi, Mayor Padua/ Duke of Venice 1538
Prince Augustino Landi l 1536-1556
Prince Claudio Landi l 1516-1536
Prince Frederico Landi l 1488-1516 Prince of the Holy Roman Empire
Ambass. Siena Lorenzo Landi to Pope Sixto 1482
Mayor Luigi Landi Torcello 1464/ Levante 1475/ Brescia 1482
Mayor Vitali Landi Ravenna 1464
Archbishop Cornelio Landi 1456
Michele di Lando the Hero of Florence as told by Machiavelli
Patriarch Francesco Landi (Grado) 1408 Constantinople 1409.
Count Galvano Landi 1405-1429
Royal Knight Carlo Landi 1400 Venice
Count Ambrogio Landi 1357 Siena
Governor Ubertino Landi l 1250 Siena
Mayor James Landi l 1211-1236 Padua
Consul Piacenza Bonizzone Landi 1132
Senori Antolino Landi 1183
Senori Simon Landi 1152
Mayor Gislerio Landi 1197
Sister Anastasia Landi 1098
Senori Alberico landi 1095
Senori Guillermo Landi 1090
Lord Roldorfo Landi 1036
Doria Landi 941
Pope Lando 912-913
Bishop (Landus) Landi 870
Count Landone Landi 847 (Lando family)
Cardinal (Landus) Landi Marcinallium 740
Roman Senator Panfirio Landvs 236-281 Rome
Doria-Pamphili-Landi, noble family from Genoa, Italy
House of Landi, noble family from Piacenza, Italy
Necroccio di Bartolomeo de' Landi (1447-1500), Italian artist
Stefano Landi (1587-1639), Italian Baroque composer
Francesco Landi (1682-1757), cardinal
Giuseppe Antonio Landi (1713-1791), Italian architect and painter
Antonio Landi (1725-1783), Italian poet, writer and playwright
Gaspare Landi (1756–1830), Italian artist
Bruno Landi (1900-1968), tenor
Elisa Landi (1904-1948), Italian actress
Chico Landi (1907-1989), Brazilian race-car driver
Marcello Landi (1916-1993), Italian painter and poet
Mario Landi (1920-1992), Italian actor
Aldo Bufi Landi (1923-), Italian actor
Roberto Landi (1956-), Italian footballer
Bassiano Landi (Bassianus Landus) Italian Physician and Philosopher d1562
Prince Giovanni Andrea IV Doria Pamphlij Landi
Maria Landi (15??2 - 19 January 1599), was a Lady Consort of Monaco
Bassiano Landi (Bassianus Landus) Italian Physician and Philosopher d1562
Noble Landi of Florence:
Count Joseph Landi,
Count James Landi,
Count Francis Landi, of Sebastian in 1636,
Count Jacopo Landi,
Count Francesco Landi
Count Nickolas' Landi
Noble Landi of France:
Noble Landi of England:
Noble Landi of Spain:
Noble Landi of Germany:
Noble Landi of Monaco:
Woman Loepolodina, Princess Doria-Pamphili-Landi
3 Dec 1811 March 22, 1843
Orietta woman, Princess Doria-Pamphili-Landi
25 May 1887 Rome February 18, 1969
Prince Don Filippo Doria-Pamphili-Landi
28 Sep 1813 19 March 1876
Don Luigi Doria-Pamphili-Landi, Prince of Valmontore
24 Oct 1779 26 Jan 1838
Donna Olympia Doria-Pamphili-Landi
21 Oct 1854 7 Sep 1929 Rome Rome
Prince Don Alfonso Doria-Pamphili-Landi, 6.Principe the Holy Roman Empire of Torriglia
25 Sep 1851 5 Dec 1914 Rome
Andrea Doria-Pamphili-Landi
1674 -1737
Donna Anna Doria-Pamphili-Landi
November 15, 1770 1835 Rome Genoa
Prince Don Dominique Doria-Pamphili-Landi
30 May 1815 4 Dec 1872
Donna Eugenia Doria-Pamphili-Landi
1 Jun 1786 23 Jul 1841 Rome Arcades
Prince Philip Don Andrea Doria-Pamphili-Landi, 7.Principe the Holy Roman Empire of Torriglia
Feb. 28, 1886 Feb. 3, 1958 Rome
Gianandrea Doria-Pamphili-Landi, 7.Principe Melfi
30 April 1705 18 Dec 1764 Genoa
Andrea IV Doria-Pamphili-Landi, 13.Principe Melfi
March 17, 1744 March 28, 1820 Rome
Prince Don Giovanni Andrea Doria-Pamphili-Landi
Prince Don Giovanni Andrea Doria-Pamphili-Landi
4 Aug 1843 Rome April 7, 1890 Rome
Princess Donna Guendaline Doria-Pamphili-Landi
1 Aug 1846 Pegli
Woman Princess Orietta Doria-Pamphili-Landi
22 April 1922 London November 19, 2000
Princess Donna Teresa Maria Doria-Pamphili-Landi
March 1, 1840 in Rome in November 1923 Bordighera
Agostino Landi, 1.Prince de Valditaro
East 1500 13 March 1555 Milan
Count Alfonso Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
1841 1919
Anastasia Landi
Angela Land
Anna Landi
14 Jul 1847 29 Dec 1916
Antoinette Landi "Blessed Landi"
1 Sep 1998 Milan
Bianchina Landi
March 25, 1920 Varano Borghi
Caterina Landi
Claudio Landi, 3.Prince de Valditaro
east 1535
Female Emilie Landi
26 Jun 1824 Florence 5 Jan 1894
Federico Landi, Prince of Val-Taro
Count Federico Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
1842 1922
Count Ferdinando Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
1853 Siena
Count Ferdinando Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
Count Ferdinando Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
Piacenza 31 Jul 1907 28 Jan 1975
Count Francesco Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
13 Aug 1874 6 March 1948 Piacenza
Count Galvano Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
7 Jan 1971 Lausanne
Count Giambattista Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
Count Giambattista Landi, Marquis of Valchiavenna
Count Giambattista Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
Count Giampaolo Landi di Chiavenna Marquis
16 Jun in 1950 Modena
Count Gianpiero Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
27 Dec 1917 Varano Borghi
Joan Landi, Isolde Landi
March 13, 1906 Piacenza 18 Oct 1989
Count Jacopo Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
April 6, 1988 Milan
Julia Landi, Heiress of Compiano
Count Lodovico Landi, Marchioness of Chiavenna
Piacenza 1 Oct 1843 14 Aug 1899 Santa Giulietta
Count Lodovico Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
21 Jan 1913 Varano Borghi 22 Sep 1989
Count Lodovico Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
November 15th, 1982 Milan
Count Luigi Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
Count Manfredi Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
8 May 1991 Milan
Count Manfredo Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
3 Jul 1941 Milan
Manfredo Landi, 2.Principe of Valditaro, Marquis of Bardi
Count Marcantonio Landi
Maria Landi
Polissena Maria Landi, 5.Principessa de Val-of-Taro
Ottavio Landi, the Marquis of Chiavenna
13 Dec 1879 Piacenza November 24, 1966 Modena
Ottavio Landi
15 Jan 1980 Milan
Paola Landi
Sofia Landi
Swabian Landi
April 6, 1988 Milan
Teresa Landi
March 25, 1883 Piacenza 18 Jul 1960 Tavenago
Count Ubertino Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
8 Oct 1968 Piacenza
Count Uberto Landi, Marchesi di Chiavenna
1844 1916
Count Uberto Landi, Marchese di Chiavenna
Mar. 16 1949 Como
Anna Zanardi Landi
31 May 1879 17 April 1961 Piacenza
Peter Zanardi Landi, Count of Veano
Bartholomew Landi" de Landi from Prato in Tuscany.(In Dante's Devine Comidia)

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