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5 Advantages of Installing an Electric Dog or Cat Fence

 There are many advantages to installing anElectric Fence For Dog or cat. While electric fences have been around for a long time, developing technology allows for the safe use of electric dog and cat fences in your home. So lets look at 5 advantages of installing an electric dog or cat fence.

1. Electric Fence Contains Cats and Dogs to the yard when you are not home

An electric dog or cat fence contains your cat or dog to the required area when you are not at home. You can safely set up containment areas or exclusion areas which give your pet clear boundaries to respect. By setting up the electric fence system and training your dog or cat to understand it, pets and owners can live a balanced cohabitation. It is important to understand when we talk about electric fences for cats and dogs we are really talking about hidden or invisible fences that communicate with your dog or cat via a transmitter that emits a warning sound or signal. Your dog or cat does not receive an electric shock - rather they receive a stimulation or tickle to remind them they are approaching the boundary.

2. Relieves anxiety for the dog or cat owner

If you are a cat or dog owner that has owned an escape artist, you will know the fear or anxiety that comes with worrying about your pet getting lost or injured on one of their adventures. Responsible cat and dog owners look outside the box for solutions to prevent their pet from jumping the fence, climbing the fence or digging under the fence in their effort to escape to find company. Electric cat and dog fences allow cats and dogs to roam around the home or property while their owners are away. However, the invisible Electric Fences Dogs system puts in boundaries that act as prompts and reminders to your pet to stay within the perimeter of the electric fence. While the system is not foolproof, it does work very well when coupled with professional training and greatly relieves anxiety for the dog or cat owner.

3. Electric Fence Cheaper than Installing a Normal Fence

An electric fence is usually cheaper than building a fence for containment purposes and much more effective to contain cats who can easily scale even the highest fence. If you are thinking about building a fence for containment, it is worth looking into the viability of an electric cat or dog fence before you proceed.

4. Dog and Cat Fences are Portable

Electric dog and cat fences are portable. This feature is especially useful if you move home a lot and when taking the existing fence structure on the property is not practical. Whether selling a house, or moving in and out of a rental, electric cat and dog fences can move with you. They can easily be installed at the new location and your cat or dog will quickly adapt to the new perimeter of your dog or cat fence with some basic retraining.


5. Excellent Behaviour Training Tool for your Cat or Dog

Electric dog and cat fences can be used as an excellent training tool to teach your dog desired behaviour. They do need to be used in conjunction with training to teach your dog or cat how they work in a positive and consistent manner.


If you are interested in an electric dog or cat fence visit to look at some options.

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