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5 Outstanding Online Art School Options

What is an online art school?

An online art school is a learning platform that combines real-time engagement with on-demand access to provide aspiring and on-the-go artists, designers, and professionals with the best of both worlds in remote learning.

The schools allow their learners to develop their creativity in the comfort of their own homes or through live online classes that explore various creative programs.

The best online art schools, such as the Color & Design Art School Online, will assist students and teachers retain a personal connection. This ensures personalized progress monitoring and the provision of informed feedback.

Leading online art schools, like the painting art school I attended as my initial move toward art, allow students to digitally connect to Art Videos according to their own personal schedules. They also like to include a random art workshop online to provide students the opportunity to engage with prominent practicing artists.

5 exceptional online art school options

Few academic routes are as enjoyable, engaging, and fulfilling as the arts. If you are artistic and creative, enrolling in an online art school allows you to enhance your knowledge and transform your passion into a career so easily.

Art education used to require in-person participation. However, you may now locate world-class Art Library options from the convenience of your own home or office. With the following five online art school possibilities, you'll be better informed about what to choose in order to achieve greater success on your route to greatness via art:

Color & Design Art School
Color & Design Art School is a learning platform that helps you find your authentic voice and create your best art. Art & Success's school allows you to participate in one-of-a-kind online art courses and trainings that will elevate your art from good to exceptional through a creative process you love.

The color and design art school courses allow you to expand your artistic knowledge and understanding and are anchored on three pillars: creating the art you love, becoming a confident artist, and expressing your personal authentic voice. Art Success Masters (ASM), which is one of the school’s online art programs, is a self-paced, comprehensive college-level course that includes 12 targeted master classes designed to help the serious artist develop his or her visual language art, which is their personal voice.

Each Color & Design Art School's online master class is a deep dive into the many stages of art making, including design, color, composition, and building confidence and belief.

Other art programs offered by the school include: Powerful Design & Personal Color, Art and Success Pro Membership, Cold Wax & Oil for Beginners, Acrylic and Mixed Media Techniques, Encaustic Mini Course, and Acrylic and Mixed Media Working in a Series, among others.

Savannah College of Art & Design
This online art school option offers three art programs at the bachelor level and eight art programs at the master level. The three art programs offered at the bachelor level are: graphic design, interactive design and game development, and sequential art.

The eight art programs offered at the master's level are: design management, interactive design and game development, graphic design, preservation design, illustration, interior design, motion media design, and painting.

Design program at Liberty University
Liberty University is a Christian college with the purpose of assisting students in obtaining a degree in the shortest amount of time feasible. Liberty University's design degree is 100% online, so you can complete it entirely online.

This university also offers a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design, which prepares you for a satisfying career in the arts. At the master's level, Liberty University also offers Visual Communication Design and Graphic Design.

Southern New Hampshire University
If you're looking for a great online art school option for a bachelor's degree in digital photography, graphic design, or media arts, Southern New Hampshire University is an excellent place to start.

Full Sail University
One of the most significant aspects of Full Sail University is online learning. Bachelor-level online art programs include computer animation, digital cinematography, game art, and graphic design. The institution provides an online art degree known as media design at the master's level.

Conduct due diligence on online art schools you want to join

Keep in mind the importance of researching the online art school alternatives you're considering. Learn about the instructor qualifications, class sizes, programs available and their accompanying facilities, as well as the general school environment and attitude. 

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