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5 Reasons Why Equinox Patio Covers Are the Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Space

 Sun damage is holding you back from accessing your patio? Try a patio cover!

Adding a patio cover is a valued addition to your home. It transforms your outdoor space and makes it more accessible. Adding a roof to your patio is a significant investment, therefore it is important to make an informed decision. Patio designers and homeowners swear by the wonderful performance of Equinox patio covers. They are beautiful as well as functional. If you are planning to give your patio a makeover then researching Equinox louvered roof makes sense.

In today’s post, we will discuss why to go for a louvered patio roof and 5 reasons that Equinox patio cover is the right choice for your home.

What is the Equinox patio roof?

Equinox is a louvered shading solution for patio roofs. These can be attached to an existing patio or you can get this wonderful roofing system to create a standalone pergola. Maximize the potential of your front yard or backyard with this precision engineering roofing system that can be moved at a choice of angle.

The smart design of Equinox patio covers features motorized operation to position the louvered at a desired angle. The movable roofing system provides full control to the users. The flexibility to choose from filtered shade or fully closed shade offers the ultimate comfort from the harsh sun as well as rain.

What are the benefits of Equinox patio covers?

Equinox louvered roofing systems are made from high quality extruded aluminum that meets the wind and snow load requirements. Apart from the longer lifespan, there are countless other reasons to invest in this maintenance free and value for money roofing solution.

On-demand environment control: Maximize the usage of your outdoor seating space with this innovative roofing solution. These louvers are equipped with a motor that allows users to choose between filtered shade or a fully closed roof. Hence, you can enjoy spending time outdoors and enjoy the refreshing breeze no matter if the sun is harsh or it is raining.
Versatile style options: When it comes to renovation projects, the biggest concern for most homeowners is to pick a product that matches their existing style. The best part about Equinox louvers is the brilliant design that seamlessly integrates with any architectural style, such as gable roofs, bay windows, and contemporary or ranch style homes.
User-friendly operation: Featuring a smart design, the louvered roof system comes with remote controlled operation. The convenience to change the roof angles is the reason that Equinox louvers have become popular. Moreover, the remote controlled roof can also be a conversation starter for Sunday brunches that you are going to host in your newly decorated patio.
Dripless rainwater management: With a touch of a button the roof can go from fully open to fully closed. Whether you are using the patio as a home office or hosting a house party, enjoy life uninterrupted even when it is raining. The roofing system comes with precisely angled in-built gutters that keep the area underneath the roof dry during drizzles.
Customizable: The roofing system has become the top-rated choice for covered patios because of the flexibility to incorporate valued additions like misters, heaters, lighting systems, screens or rain/wind sensors.

How to install Equinox patio cover?

Equinox louvered roof comes with a 20-years limited warranty. Therefore, it is important to get the help of a certified Equinox patio installer. It requires a lot of skills and technical expertise to get things right. Hence, call the roofing experts, who can take measurements and help you find the best-suited style for your patio roof.

Bottom line

Equinox louvered roof can be a gamechanger for your outdoor seating space because it is versatile, customizable, highly functional and user-friendly. Get in touch with Bluebonnet Patio Covers which is a premium patio roofing company and the only Equinox certified dealer in Austin.

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