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5 ways Equinox louvered roof can add value to your home

Louvered patio covers are a great choice to add style, functionality and of course value to your home. If you are looking for a genuine product to transform your outdoor living space then an Equinox louvered roof is indeed the right choice.

Covered patios have become a hot trend lately, not because they add a dash of sophistication to the décor standards but because it is a great investment to increase the curb appeal of your home.

What is an Equinox louvered roof?

Equinox louvered roofs are made from extruded aluminum that is designed to withstand harsh nature. The ingenious design features robust quality louvers, gutters and support beams that can be positioned in a desired angle. Featuring a motorized operation, it is very easy to turn the louvers from fully shut to fully open with a touch of a button.

The increasing demand for these precision engineered patio covers in Austin is a sign that it is a sound investment. Here are five ways through which an Equinox louvered roof can add value to your home.

Maximize the living space

If you are one of those city dwellers struggling due to limited real estate, then you must consider investing in covered patios, especially louvered patios.

The extension to your home can be a huge selling point. Moreover, louvers offer the benefit of versatility to the outdoor space, hence you get to use the space for dining, relaxing or simply entertaining your guests.

Enhanced comfort

Spending time outdoors becomes a task during the hot summer months. However, louvered patio covers are best to protect your skin from sun exposure with its precision angled position. Sitting underneath the patio cover offers you the flexibility to maintain ventilation while blocking the UV rays. The desired range of shade and ventilation offered by louvered patio covers make them a huge selling point.

Increased resale value

A well designed and functional outdoor living space can add value to your home. Equinox louvered roofs are therefore high in demand. They don’t just make your home look good but also add value to the property. A customization shading solution offers endless possibilities for décor and functionality which attracts potential buyers.

Self-cleaning design

If you are planning to transform your outdoor living space, make sure to search for dealers of motorized louvered patio covers new braunfels. The motorized operation features a self-cleaning mechanism, which means homeowners don’t have to worry about upkeep.

Another advantage is the robust aluminum construction, which offers certain maintenance based advantages. The product is rust-proof and easy to clean hence the cost of maintenance is extremely low compared to traditional wood patio covers that rot over time.


Patio covers are a significant investment, which is why it is important to pick a style that complements your existing architecture. Equinox louvered roof is the best product that fits unique needs because there are endless possibilities for customization.

Whether you have gable roofs, bay windows, doors or angled roofs, you get the option to customize the color and finish to integrate with the existing design.

Homeowners can select from round, tapered, square and fluted beams, pick their choice of fans and lighting systems and heat and misting systems; or invest in a roofing system in any of the classic color choices like white, sandstone and clay.

Bottom line

A cozy dining space or a fancy entertaining space, Equinox louvered roofs offer myriads of options to transform the outdoor living area. The valued addition to your home can be planned by the experts at Bluebonnet Patio Covers. They are the only authorized dealers of Equinox patio cover contractors near me, New Braunfels and Austin.

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