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7 Benefits of Entering an Addiction Treatment Program

 What is an addiction treatment program?

An addiction treatment program is a set of treatments used when a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Such programs typically have three goals: to prevent the addiction patient from using the substance to which they are addicted; to ensure the patient remains free of the substance after treatment, and to enable the patient to become a functioning member of society.

Addiction treatment programs are typically tailored to the needs of the addict. As a result, they rarely adhere to any specific protocol.

The 5 stages of an addiction treatment program

Before we get into the benefits of entering an addiction treatment program, let's go over the five stages of treatment.

The first stage is the detoxification process, which helps to rid an addicted patient's body of the substance to which they are addicted. This stage may require medication to manage the physiological symptoms of withdrawal, depending on the substance.

The modification of the addiction patient's behaviors through counseling sessions is the second stage of an addiction treatment program. The third stage entails the use of medication to treat any physiological issues caused by substance abuse.

The fourth stage entails addressing any mental health issues that have arisen as a result of substance abuse. This is followed by the final stage, which consists of follow-up sessions.

The 8 benefits of an addiction treatment program

Here are the 8 benefits of entering an addiction treatment program:

Access to professional healthcare teams
Entering an addiction treatment program ensures that an addiction patient will receive care and support from trained professionals. This is a significant advantage over being cared for by friends and family members.

Understanding the root causes of the addiction
Addiction treatment programs provide addicts with the opportunity to gain insight into what led to their substance abuse. When these underlying causes are identified, the patient is better equipped to cope with them without resorting to substance abuse.

For those seeking addiction treatment in Portland as well as an addiction treatment in Hillsboro, Another Chance can provide you with ideas about the professional treatment programs that will help you to the root causes of your addiction and the strategies to deal with these.

Links to credible support networks
Entering an addiction treatment program ensures that an addiction patient will be connected to credible 12-step support systems. Professional addiction treatment centers have established connections with these systems and can provide recommendations that help recovering addicts get the direction they require once they are allowed to return home from treatment rehab.

Access to tested relapse prevention strategies
Addiction treatment programs provide resources and strategies to patients who enter them to help them effectively prevent relapse. Before being allowed to go, the programs assist patients in developing and testing their own relapse prevention strategies.

Support the addiction patients’ family members
Understanding addiction and its consequences are difficult for family members. They require assistance in determining how to assist their addicted loved ones. Professional addiction treatment programs, such as those offered by Portland Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center, can provide the valuable assistance that family members require, as well as additional insights into what their loved one is experiencing.

Enhanced safety
Entering an addiction program provides the addiction patient with safety, especially during stages of recovery such as detoxification, which can be dangerous and even life-threatening. In fact, entering an addiction treatment program provides the greatest benefit.

Dedicated peer support
When you enroll in an addiction treatment program, you will have the opportunity to interact with other people who are going through similar struggles as you. This opens up a channel for sharing and learning about what works best for each other. Having people who understand what you're going through gives you reliable sources of encouragement throughout your recovery journey.

Reach out for help

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