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7 benefits that Zoho one brings you

 Zoho One is a complete suite on the market. Currently, in the Zoho One suite, you find more than 40 applications from Zoho's extensive product portfolio. Zoho One is the solution for all those demanding companies that need the best tools for each of their departments and to continue advancing to reach the next level.   Keep in mind that with the Zoho One package, you will be able to synchronize each of the tools with each other so that the information flows from one application to another at all times, and thus you can make the right decision at all times. Advantages of using Zoho One.




Keeping an organization's information safe is a key factor that Zoho takes very seriously. With state-of-the-art security systems, Zoho protects the most valuable information with password policies, IP restrictions, and even fingerprint recognition so that your organization's work is always safe.  


 Sales and Marketing.

The two departments that report income to the company are marketing and sales. These two departments have the best tools to work and act as quickly as possible to close a sale.   With Zoho Crm Developer you have the perfect tool to empower sales and marketing teams. This powerful tool allows automating the most routine processes so that time is not wasted on secondary tasks and time is spent on more important tasks.  


 Grow with customers who brag about your brand.  

A complaint should be taken as a gift. In other words: when a client is not completely satisfied with the services provided and makes a claim ticket, the after-sales team must obtain all the information possible to understand why the customer is unhappy and how he has been treated.  In addition, Zoho Creator Developer will help your customer service team interpret each ticket and show the most appropriate response.  

 Make projects a success.  

The success of a project does not only lie in the planning, but it also has to be well executed. Plans and response capacity are some obstacles that arise along the way.  


 Understand accounting.

One aspect to highlight to take the company to the next level understands what is happening economically in your organization.   Zoho Books is the financial tool to understand the organization's financial status easily and intuitively, giving the financial department freedom and time when carrying out their work.  


 Develop applications to suit you.  

The power of a programmer with the Zoho Creator tool. Create custom applications integrated with each of the Zoho One tools for each department of your company so that the teams have the tools required to achieve the objectives at all times.   With Zoho Creator it will be easier for you to collect the data that flows from one application to another to make reports, understand the work that is being done by your teams, and schedule tasks, calls and even events.  


 Capture the best talent for your company.  

Companies must continue growing to have the best talent in their ranks to meet their objectives successfully. But it is often not easy to find the right candidate with so many Curriculum Vitae, and it is not productive to interview all the candidates individually.

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