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“Think of a desert: It looks barren -- but a little bit of water completely changes everything. That's a nice metaphor for what we are trying to do -- be that little bit of change, the one drop of water that makes all the difference.”

<address style="text-align: right;">-- Rabbi Michael Cohen, co-founder of the Green Zionist Alliance


The Grassroots Campaign for a Sustainable Israel

Israel and the Zionist movement have succeeded in many ways beyond our wildest expectations. Israel has become a robust country with a unique cultural life. However, its success also has produced a litany of serious and life-threatening environmental problems. We are here to help bring about positive change. We are here to help green Israel.

Our Mission

The Green Zionist Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, works from North America to educate and mobilize Jews around the world for Israel’s environment; to protect Israel's environment and support its environmental movement; to improve environmental practices within the World Zionist Organization and its constituent agencies; and to inspire people to work for positive change.

Who We Are

We are an alliance of Jews from across the political and religious spectrums who care deeply about the country, the people and the land of Israel, and who are dedicated to working toward a sustainable future. We work closely with a broad coalition of Jewish and environmental organizations and leaders in Israel and around the world to ensure that our policies complement local initiatives.

The Green Zionist Alliance was founded in 2001 primarily by Dr. Alon Tal, Rabbi Michael Cohen and Dr. Eilon Schwartz, along with many other volunteers, including Alison Hill and current GZA leaders David Krantz and Noam Dolgin. In 2006 the GZA incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

What We Do

  1. Educate within the Diaspora about Israel's environment and the Israeli environmental movement, through educational programming and resources for individuals, schools, and community groups, including:
    • The environmental speakers bureau, providing experts available to speak on many eco-Jewish and Israeli environmental topics;
    • Disseminate environmental information to expand interest among a growing community of Jews concerned about the environment in Israel and the Middle East;
    • Direct-education programming for teen and adult groups;
    • Dissemination of educational resources on Israel’s environment.
  2. Support Israel's environment and its environmental movement, through increased exposure to their organizations and missions.
    • Provide a conduit for the Israeli environment movement to conduct educational and advocacy campaigns in the Diaspora;
    • Coordinate/promote eco-trips to Israel for a variety of audiences including teens, adults and funders;
    • Assist organizations in establishing Diaspora boards and support organizations.
  3. Influence Israel's environmental policies through increased representation in the World Zionist Congress and its constituent agencies.
    • Work within the structure of the World Zionist Congress to legislate policy for the Jewish Agency, World Zionist Organization and KKL;
    • Work within the boards of the JNF and KKL to affect policy decisions;
    • Work with Zionist organizations and world Zionist federations to raise environmental awareness and integrate environmental concerns into their missions and platforms;
    • Mobilize a voice for Diaspora Jewry on important environmental issues.

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