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What does Israel mean to you?

Israel is a country that is being built and re-built daily by the dreams and struggles of millions of people. Each one of us in Israel and in the Diaspora is striving to help build the best country for the Jewish People. As such, the Hagshama Department is here to help you define your relationship with Israel and encourage you to participate in Israel's and your own community's future.

Do you want to become directly involved in Israel's and your community's future?

Make your mark on Jewish history, learn about the issues and face the dilemmas Judaism is confronting today. We can provide you with the opportunity to do this in one of the most dynamic and challenging Jewish communities in the world - Israel. Being in the land and meeting the people involved is necessary to know and understand what the problems are, where the struggles lie, and who will be solving them in the near future.

Do you want to change your community?

To change or effect the Jewish world one must start with oneself. The Hagshama Department is about empowerment, about helping you turn your vision and dreams into reality. We want to see every young Jew reach their fullest potential for leadership, activism and Zionist fulfillment within their community. Only when you have started working on improving yourself can you start with your community. We can help you take that first step in becoming involved in your community back home and create those structures that can help bring about inner change and then community change. Such as discussion groups, workshops and the facilitation of expert speakers and educators to tackle the issues and talk about your views of the problems facing you, your community, and the Jewish People.

Change starts with you!!

If Aliyah is a question for you...?

Then we can help you find the answers. The Hagshama Department believes that one of the most important steps a Jewish activist can make to help the Jewish People is by coming to Israel and speaking your mind, registering your vote, and being part of the action to help make the Jewish homeland, Israel, the place where you'd like to live.

How can The Hagshama Department help you?

The Hagshama Department works with anyone that is prepared to commit and serve. To commit themselves to the goals and ideals of the Zionist Movement and serve their community and the Jewish People. We work with Bogrim of Zionist Youth Movements, Jewish students and young leadership and can assist in funding and programming such events as conventions, leadership seminars, activist training, student meetings on campuses, trips to Israel, and educational conferences. We can supply all your Zionist Organization's needs! Sounds interesting? Then contact us

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