Whatever your hand attains to do, - do.

Kohelet 9:10


Inspiring young leadership, empowering innovation, and creating a more vibrant Jewish community all over the world – that’s what ROI is all about.

Founded in Jerusalem in the summer of 2006, ROI is a global community of outstandingly creative individuals who have a personal vision about how to make the Jewish world a better place. Built around intensive networking and skill-building activities in Jerusalem and the Diaspora that are continued online, ROI enhances its members' ability to re-create community in their own image. ROI embraces the diversity and dynamism of Jewish life, with a youthful energy that represents its best hope for the future.

The ROI Community for Young Jewish Innovators is a venture of the Center for Leadership Initiatives that was created by philanthropist Lynn Schusterman in partnership with Taglit-Birthright Israel.

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