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A perfect outdoor tour that make unlimited memories

 Any time of the year is good to go for a mountain walk. The idea is that you can enjoy the landscape and sunlight. Raid Pyrenean will tell you everything you need to know to go on an excursion. You can choose from the equipment to the recommended clothing for outdoor activities.

Hiking, a walk in contact with nature

Spring, summer, autumn, and even winter are times when you can continue enjoying the outdoors. It's all a matter of knowing your body's capacity for different temperatures, adapting and preparing yourself with everything you need to go on an excursion. An excursion on a backcountry is usually done on foot. There are several reasons why these tours are made. Sometimes they are usually for educational, scientific, cultural and military reasons. Other times its purpose is recreational, tourist and sports.

It is called hiking when it is done in natural environments such as the countryside, the mountains, the rivers or the beach with the intention of taking advantage of leisure and exercising the body.

Before going for a mountain walk, there is a list of things you need to know about hiking. Doing this activity requires preparation to plan the outing, bring the necessary materials, and wear suitable clothing and footwear in addition to a series of recommendations you must follow to enjoy the excursion fully.

Benefits of choosing professionals for guidance

The Professional is responsible for choosing the route to follow and the most appropriate activity for the client's physical and technical level, as well as advising on the necessary equipment and material so that the “adventure” does not become a nightmare.

In addition to organizing the route and the activities, reserving the shelters and preparing the material and equipment, the mountain guide is in charge of teaching how to carry out the proposals safely: from rock or ice climbing to mountaineering. Guided walking holidays know the terrain well and report on the area's characteristics, such as flora and fauna.

The mountain guide profession is closely related to tourism and, therefore, is determined by seasonality; there will be months when it will be necessary to work from dawn to dusk and others in which work is scarce. Hiking holidays can work as an employee in a multi-adventure or tourism company and on their own, as a freelancer, offering their services.

Rural tourism has become a new source of income; there are more and more people prefer to breathe the pure mountain air and practice different sports, such as hiking and climbing. Security, in any case, is essential; In addition, the number of accidents has grown progressively, and most occur in activities considered easy, such as mountaineering and hiking. The need to increase prevention measures has caused a greater demand for professionals in this sector.

It is recommended that you train in various areas of the sports world because the more knowledge and skills you have, the more services you can offer and the less seasonality will affect you. In addition, walking holidays Europe allows you to be part of a wide network of professionals and access different courses to broaden your skills.

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